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It’s holiday season
for firings

Dec 30, 2003 8:37 AM

Oh, the insensitivity! Dick Jauron is gone in Chicago. Dave McGinnis out at Arizona. Gregg Williams sent packing from Buffalo.

And, Dave Wannstedt gets a two-year extension in Miami. So who says you have to make the NFL playoffs, anyway?

The Dolphins actually did reasonably well in December, but they were victims of being in the wrong conference. Take Dallas, which can’t smell the goal line and yet there’s a playoff invitation waiting this week in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers.

And what about Green Bay getting a miracle entry into the 12-team fray thanks to a fourth-down heave from Arizona QB Josh McCown from around the Minnesota 40 that somehow found its way into the hands of Nathan Poole in the corner of the end zone.

The pure drama of it all was watching Packers fans go wild at Lambeau despite being denied access to any score from the Minnesota-Arizona game. Now we will get another game from football’s mecca matching Holmgren’s new team (Seattle) against his old one (Green Bay).

What wasn’t great drama was listening to ESPN clock Jamal Lewis and his quest for Eric Dickerson’s all-time NFL rushing mark every play. Dickerson was even interviewed from home during the fourth-quarter action. At least E.D was refreshingly honest by saying he didn’t want Jamal to break the record.

Give the Steelers and Ravens credit for one of the best hitting games of the year. Baltimore won in OT, but was probably softened up enough to lose at home this week against Tennessee.

The final week of the regular season was definitely one for the "under." If you played the "over" in all 16 games, you were a sorry 4-12. As for favorites and dogs, an even 8-8 split against the spread. Definitely, a bookies paradise.

There were plenty of bad beats, but Minnesota’s stands out. Blowing a 17-9 lead in the final two minutes, which included not recovering an onside kick that would have clinched the NFC North title. So the Vikings go from a 6-0 team to an also-ran, just like Cincinnati.

All that talk about the Bengals turning the corner. Well, 8-8 may be fine but losing to the Browns at home with the division title in their hands is unacceptable. Too much hype for Marvin Lewis, who did a great coaching job until this past Sunday.

Week 17 produced that 3-team parlay cover we told you about. We advised taking Philly, New England and any team opposing the Raiders. It was a bit of a test, but San Diego finally got the necessary cover TD in a 21-14 win to secure the payoff.

Unfortunately, we didn’t play it. The story of our year.