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Seniors poker set for ‘04 campaign

Jan 6, 2004 2:45 AM

Last year was a great one. We were a little busy with the poker schedule that we followed in 2003. It will be a little hard to keep up the pace for 2004.

Last year was a very good year for The Seniors World Championship of Poker. At each of The Seniors events and tournaments we set new records for attendance, charity money raised, and money awarded to the winning players.

The last poker event of 2003 was The Seniors WCOP of Limit Hold em’ held at Foxwoods, where they only had room for 300 seniors to play. This was over a 100 percent increase over the 150 senior poker players who played last year.

The Seniors WCOP also hosted poker events and tournaments at the Reno Hilton, World Series of Poker (Binion’s Horseshoe), The Orleans, Four Queens, the Grand in Tunica, and, of course, Foxwoods.

The Seniors will begin the new year the Southern Home of The Seniors WCOP, the Grand Hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi with a The Super Seniors Charity Poker No Limit Tournament on Sunday, on Jan. 18.

The next event will be the Second Chance Charity No Limit Poker Tournament on Jan. 27-29, again at the Grand.

Then The Seniors will be off to Europe where on February 10, at the Aviation Club De France in Paris, we will be hosting the inaugural European The Seniors.

Actually Carol, Sarah and Clare will be coming with us on a European poker tour in which we will visit and play in the poker room at the old Vic in London and then get on the bullet train and go under the channel and on to Paris for a week. Once there we will host the first European Seniors Poker Tournament.

Then we will be off to Zurich, Munich, Vienna, Amsterdam, and Brussels, where we plan to play at many of the poker rooms on the continent and make new friends with the folks in Europe.

Then back to the States where we will have The Seniors at The WSOP in Las Vegas, Nevada in April.

Next Carol, we will go out to The Orleans for the annual Second Chance Charity Poker Tournament where last year you awarded $100,000 to the first place winner, and collected over $12,000 for The Seniors Charities.

Next in July I will host The Seniors at The Orleans Open in Las Vegas.

Then in October, Carol and I will host The Seniors XIV World Championship of Poker At The Grand Hotel and Casino in Tunica.

At the end the year, we will again host The Seniors WCOP of Limit Hold’em at Foxwoods in the woods of Connecticut.

In my spare time I will write over 100 articles on poker, finish a couple of poker books, complete a project that I have going for a The Seniors deck of cards, finish my web site, celebrate the birth of two more great grand children, and enjoy a lucky birthday. Actually it will be double lucky ”¦ I will be 77.

From my bible, it tells me that the perfect number is 7.

Seventy-seven (77) was my basketball number when I played basketball a few years ago in school.

I will find time to play a little poker and win a few poker tournaments

Last year there were only 69 players who still were playing when I fired off the last of my chips in the $10,000 WSOP championship event. I was only able to defeat 769 players, but this year I plan to be the oldest poker player to ever win the WSOP.

I will be working for The Seniors WCOP to be seen on television this year.

So I am expecting a very lucky and good year.

And oh, yes, I will do anything else that Carol or Sarah wants me to do.

My girls tell me it keeps me young and will make me live a long time if I stay busy and keep my mind active.

Oklahoma Johnny poker tip of the week

You will find that it is almost impossible to win when you are playing poker if you do not play with confidence and courage.

It has been said that perhaps nothing is so bad or so dangerous to your pocket book as to play poker with fear.

So remember that confidence is a self fulfilling prophecy.

And you must play poker with confidence and without fear or you may leave the poker game with fear but without confidence or your money.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!