Rams, Patriots going down

Jan 6, 2004 7:53 AM

Happy New Year everyone and may 2004 be happy, prosperous and most of all healthy. Remember without your health nothing else really matters.

So with that thought in mind, I decided to make a few resolutions that would benefit my well being in the upcoming year. I will offer my thoughts to you just in case you want to get involved.

First is all that junk food we put in our system along with the unwanted extra weight we gained over the holidays. I told myself to reduce the amount of bread and pasta I crave every week. Then it came to me that there is nothing like that smell of garlic cooking when you walk into a good Italian restaurant. You must have a piece (maybe two) of bread with your meal along with that fried calamari appetizer.

Second is wine. I need to cut down, but there is nothing like a glass of wine with your meal or maybe two glasses if really good. If I could work out a few more times each week, maybe that would take care of the extra weight.

Yeah right!

Third is cutting back on betting the ponies, something I really love. I could save some money and have a great vacation back to Steubenville for the Dean Martin festival in June. Cut my horse playing back, what am I thinking! Maybe I could spend less money on food and drink and that would take care of the extra dough for Dino.

I need to work harder on my handicapping and pick more winners. Heck, I could put in 18 hours a day and not pick more winners. My problem is betting too much on the losers and not enough on winners. So, I will bet more on the winners. Now I know I am really losing it with these resolutions.

Turning to another subject, I went to a movie and saw the third rings. Did you know that Tolkein typed the entire three book saga, over 1,200 pages with two fingers. You just got to have patience in life and do everything in moderation. Forget all those promises you make to yourself and just cut back here and there.

Moderation is the key. A little bit of food, drink and gambling mixed with a lot of love. Enjoy a great New Year.

College basketball

BYU (+6) at NC State (Wed): Cougars are one tough cat as they proved going into Santa Clara and beating the Broncos on their home court to win the Cable Car Classic. Now they travel to Raleigh, where the Wolfpack may take them a bit lightly. Should be a close game. BYU.

Cincinnati (—11) at Tulane (Wed): Bearcats on major roll winning nine straight and going 8-0-1 ATS. Tulane got trampled at home by Mississippi State last week, 72-50. Looks like more of the same. Lay the points. CINCY.

UTEP (+7) at Tulsa (Thu): The Miners won the Sierra Providence Sun Classic, but got beat at home by Boise on Saturday. Tulsa is playing its fourth game in nine days. Points look great. UTEP.

Mich St (+8) at Wisconsin (Sat): State definitely needs a wake up call as its season slowly heads down the toilet. Look for major effort by the Spartans in this Big Ten battle at Madison. MICH ST.

Last week: 4-0

Season: 18-9

NFL playoffs
Saturday, Jan. 10

Carolina (+7Ѕ) at Rams. Got to take the points after the Panthers’ top performance against the Boys. PANTHERS

Titans (+6) at Patriots (37). This looks like a real barnburner.

Jan. 10

Colts (+3) at Chiefs (49): Bombs away, whoever gets the ball last wins. OVER.

Packers (+5) at Eagles: Philly "D" will come to play, looks like a good bet if it stays below six. EAGLES.

Postseason: 0-0

Regular season: 50-48