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Try these 7- and
9-spot clusters!

Jan 13, 2004 12:28 AM

Here’s a $64,000 question for you: Is Cluster Keno the most powerful video keno strategy out there? Or are its followers simply the luckiest players in Las Vegas?

I won’t venture a guess at this point, but a report out of downtown Las Vegas indicates that an answer may be forthcoming.

Here’s what happened. Apparently, players who used our keno pattern published last week were winning some big jackpots playing 20 Card Keno.

The casino paid out so many jackpots, all of which used the same cluster pattern, that it pulled the Multi Card Keno game from the floor.

Technically, the machines weren’t actually hauled off the floor. But the game was dismantled from the Gaming King machines that housed them.

Rumor has it that the casino wanted the manufacturer, IGT, to review the game to ensure that the payoffs were indeed random, and that the machine’s software was not compromised.

No word on when the 20 Card Keno games will return to action, but we’ll try to keep our readers informed.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at another pattern that has performed well for its supporters. The pattern features two 7-spots and two 9-spots, and it is (obviously) played on a Four Card Keno machine.

This pattern is unlike last week’s cluster, which relies on a lot of overlapping numbers. When those numbers fill in, the payoff can be astounding.

This pattern features four distinct cards, and it gives the player more chances to hit a nice jackpot while accumulating "minor" awards to hopefully keep you going until the "big one" hits!

Notice that, like a lot of Cluster Keno patterns, this one uses adjacent columns. It has been my contention that numbers, for whatever reason, fall in "clusters" or distinct patterns. Many times those patterns involve landing in adjacent columns (or adjacent rows, or adjacent boxes, etc.)

Playing this configuration should result in hitting several 6-of-7 payoffs and 7-of-9 jackpots, which can be profitable in themselves.

The real payoff occurs, of course, if you can hit the solid 7-of-7 award, the 8-of-9 award or even the 9-of-9 jackpot.

You can also hope for the doubling over of two major jackpots: catching both the 8-of-9 and 7-of-7 jackpots on the same game!

As you can see, not one of the 7-spots is entirely contained in the 9-spot cards. Instead, six of the seven numbers occur inside the 9-spots. This seems to be a critical fact, because for some reason, the machine seems less likely to hit a solid 7-spot when all of its numbers are contained inside another tickets, such as an 8-, 9- or 10-spot card.

Speaking of 7-spots, I’ve been hitting some nice jackpots out at the Skyline casino in Henderson. These have also been hit on IGT’s Four Card Keno game, and they involve marking four overlapping 7-spots, once again in adjacent columns.

You can use your own discretion in picking which 7-spots (try marking seven of the numbers in a column or seven of the eight numbers in a two-by-four box), but make sure they are in adjoining columns.

I hope these work for you. Let me know about any other patterns or clusters that have worked for you!

(L.J. Zahn is the author of Cluster Keno: Using the Zone Method to Win at Video Keno. For a copy, send $19.95 to Cluster Keno, P.O. Box 46303, Las Vegas, NV 89114.)