THORNY ISSUEShould Rose enter Hall?

Jan 13, 2004 4:23 AM

If you catch any sports show on radio and television, or open any sports section in the newspaper all you see is Pete Rose. He was even on the FOX’s O’Reilly Factor the other night making his case for getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I think he used the Factor to promote his new tell all book, in which he admits betting on both baseball and his own team, the Cincinnati Reds. By the way, he says the bets were for the Reds and never against. What a revelation!

Anyway he professed to have given up gambling and deserved a chance at the Hall. I was just wondering if that includes gambling on the ponies also, something he loves?

There are many opinions whether or not Rose should be allowed in the Hall. The way I see it, to be enshrined at Cooperstown, you need to be one of the best players of that time or your era. Well "Mr. Hustle" was just that, a great player day in and day out and holds the records to prove it. He didn’t kill anyone or pull any Enron’s.

Making bets? What a dastardly deed he did! Hang him by his toes but don’t keep him out. If the media today were the same back in the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s none of those guys would have ever made it. Back then the press were their buddies. They drank together, stayed out all night carousing together and what not. Nowadays the media just wants to get a story and bury someone.

Bottom line: Rose’s actions on the field say Hall Of Fame. One day it could come down to whether that individual is pro life, gay or smoked some weed or did coke way back when. Well, the drugs may be fine but gambling! Heaven forbid.

That’s the way I see it, but my eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.

College basketball

Wednesday, Jan. 14

Cincinnati (—1) at Marquette: The Bearcats, off a 90-65 blowout of DePaul on Saturday night, go into Bradley Center to face the Golden Eagles in what will be a tough game. Marquette was in a life and death struggle to beat St Louis on Saturday 61-59. Cincinnati has too much firepower. CINCY .

Thursday, Jan. 15

Virginia (+13) at Georgia Tech: Both teams were blown out over the weekend but the Yellow Jackets go back home to the friendly confines of Alexander Memorial Coliseum where they are almost unbeatable. Lay the wood as Tech gets back on the beam after back to back road losses. GA TECH.

Saturday, Jan. 17

Iowa (+12) at Illinois: The Hawkeyes have been bad on the road and the Fighting Illini have been good at home until the loss to Purdue on Saturday. Second of three straight road games for Iowa. The woes will continue at Champaign. Lay the points. ILLINOIS.

Wake Forest (+9) at Duke. These two split last year with both teams winning and covering on their home courts. The Blue Devils are firing on all cylinders and look to continue on the road to the ACC championship and a possible national title. Lay the points. DUKE.


AFC Championship

Colts (+3½) at Patriots (42½). Not looking to buck the Colts juggernaut offense even in possible bad weather. COLTS, OVER.

NFC Championship

Panthers (+5) at Eagles (38). Philly got a gift and will take advantage of the second chance. Lay the 5. PHILLY.