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Only destiny:Meeting maker

Jan 13, 2004 4:35 AM

You don’t hear any more talk about Green Bay being the latest "team of destiny." Please lets get rid of any "divine intervention" beliefs once and for all. That just doesn’t wash in Las Vegas. Luck is part of life, plain and simple. So is skill. Athletes and teams have it. So, do handicappers and bettors. Even Eagles fan, (aka: boo-bird) though his team failied to cover last week in a 3-point OT win over the Pack. Certainly, there was nothing divine about Favre’s wounded duck. By the way, Philly is a 6-1 co-favorite with St. Louis and New England to win the 2005 Super Bowl.

...Poker’s explosion on TV has trickled down to pool and blackjack. ESPN will air 86 pro pool telecasts this month, up from 179 in all of 2003. And, the GSN network is taping an inaugural World Series of Blackjack on Jan. 24-25 at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.