Poker Palace escapes $10 rule

Jan 20, 2004 5:50 AM

Prohibition of the $10 horse contests in the state of Nevada goes into effect this week, but those places holding free ones can continue.

GamingToday sources indicate that Poker Palace is the only free contest on the board. The North Las Vegas venue has two contests with a $500 top prize for each. The first contest is Wednesday through Friday, while the second takes place Saturday and Sunday. Entrants must be present each day of the contest in order to win.

The Monte Carlo is working on a free contest. Further details, if available, will be in next week’s GT edition. All other contests are on hold, until they can get their contests completely computer-generated.

The new regulations were part of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s massive Minimum Internal Control Standards, which sets the accounting criteria for virtually every casino operation.

The new standards affecting race and sports contests requires that all entry fees, prize payouts, contestants’ selections and contest results to be recorded in the casino’s computerized race and sports system.

Most of the casinos’ betting systems in Nevada are provided by Vic Salerno’s American Wagering. These systems process all wagers, and maintain accounting controls and records.