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Mars anthem:Hail to Redskins

Jan 20, 2004 8:25 AM

Some folks just have too much time on their hands., an offshore book based in Antigua, listed the Redskins as 1-100 to win a Super Bowl before humans land on Mars. We’ll take the Redskins, now that Joe Gibbs is back. If you wager against Washington, a winning Mars ticket pays 10-1.

And, the "ass-tronomical" matchups don’t stop there. Try a bet pitting humans on Mars (5-1) before Germany captures soccer’s World Cup (1-10), or strolling the Red Planet (1-20) before aliens hit Earth (13-2). Our money is on the aliens, since they already exist on the Internet.

The only logical prop is whether humans land on Mars before Dec. 31, 2020. The choices are NO 1-5 and YES 3-1. We’ll bet YES and raise the pot that the World Poker Tour championships will be there.

...The postseason Bookies Battle returns next week. It will be Super.