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New poker book
targets Omaha

Jan 27, 2004 1:04 AM

I have been asked many times to recommend poker books to the folks who want to know more about poker. You know, this sounds a little bit negative, but I very seldom recommend any poker books.

In Oklahoma we have a saying for just about everything in life. The living of life and poker and the playing of poker.

The Oklahoma saying that comes to mind today is: "Those that can, will get it done; and those than cannot, will talk and write about how to do it.

Now, there are many very fine poker player writers who can do it, and they write good advice about how to play poker for fun and profit.

I am not going to list any of the can do it poker player writers.

But if any of you folks want to request me to recommend the best poker books on or about poker they are invited to email me at [email protected]

However, today is one of the few times I am going public about a new book.

But before I give you the name of this new poker book let me tell the folks a little about the author. Not just a little, his name is Bill Boston.

Bill is indeed one of the "Gentlemen of Poker."

He is old enough to have been tested in the fire of life and at the poker table.

Bill is giving all the profits from this new book to aid in cancer research.

  So thank you Bill, from all the poker players of the world for your very generous gift to aid others.

The name of his new poker book is "Omaha High-Low: Play to Win with the Odds."

It contains the statistical analysis of 5,232 Omaha hands and identifies the Best Hands and the Worst Hands.

  Selecting the right hands to play is the most important decision you’ll make in playing Omaha high-low poker. More than any other poker game, Omaha is driven by hand value.

I think there are many single pages in this book that are worth more than the price of the book.

On page 31, Bill gives a list of the 30 hands that he recommends to play Omaha Hi/Lo split that do not include an ace.

Also on page 31, Bill gives a list of the best hands to play for the best results when you are playing $10/20 Omaha Hi/Lo.

  Then Bill gives the hands that I sometimes play on page 31E: The 50 worst hands to play Omaha with based on win percentage!

 "Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

  This tip comes to us from Bill Boston and is taken from his new book.

  "If you want to make the best possible decisions about which starting hands to play when you are playing Omaha Hi/Lo-8 and Better Poker, you will need to know something about the chances that a hand has of winning the high end of the pot, and the low end of the pot, and how often that hand is expected to scoop the whole pot.

Bill, I would like to add that the folks will find the odds for every hand that can be dealt in Omaha Hi/Lo in your new book on Omaha.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!