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Vegas most Super of locales

Jan 27, 2004 2:46 AM

The Super Bowl, what a great event, not only here in Vegas but all over the good ol’ USA.

This is the most wagered on single sporting event of the year. No one really knows how much money is actually exchanged on the game because of all the illegal bets taken and the office pools.

I really like those office pools! No telling how much Jo Jo at the Spot will take on this game.

This is one of those events that just about every sport fan will make some kind of wager. I know myself that I have made a bet on virtually every Super Bowl.

We all have our favorite Super Bowls and the ones we would like to forget. For me, that amounts to the same game ”” Jan. 20, 1980. Pittsburgh was playing the Rams at the Rose Bowl. The first and last Super Bowl I saw in person. I have this real good friend who just happened to be best buddies with L.C. Greenwood of the Steelers and he was able to get several 50-yard line tickets.

We all bet on the Steelers at —101/2 points and headed off to another friend’s house in L.A. Now this guy is a genius and comes up with the great idea of driving the car to some mall and taking a bus to the Rose Bowl. Since this friend of ours lived in L.A. for years, we assumed this guy knew what he was doing. We drive to the mall, catch this bus ($15 round trip) and head to the game. All seemed fine.

The driver tells everyone to remember our bus number, where the vehicle is parked and that he will be waiting for us after the game. Well, we had a great time except my back went out. Each time a big play occurred, everyone would stand up and I would miss everything. The good part was that we won our bets and the Steelers were victorious, 31-19.

Now comes the zinger. We all head for the bus, get to the parking lot and there are 50,000 busses with engines running and fumes everywhere, I can hardly walk because of my back, it’s freezing out and we never could find our bus. I won’t get into the three hours it took to get back in our car. That’s another story.

One thing I do know is there’s no better place than Vegas for watching the Super Bowl. There is every kind of bet you would want to make on the game. Casinos put on the most lavish parties for high rollers and also have great festivities for us normal folk. Special rooms are set aside with big screen TV’s, your favorite libation and great food.

Betting windows are set up for customers to wager right there and, if you’re losing at halftime, you will have a shot of getting out with a second half wager. Even better, you can walk to your car after the game in some very nice weather and go home ”” or take a cab if sloshed.

Bottom line: Vegas is my Super Bowl place. Sorry, Jo Jo.

Now, here’s my take on the big game.

Panthers (+6 1/2) vs Patriots: I am going to make a big play, which nowadays is $220 to win $200. Unless I catch a big pick-3 on the ponies before kickoff! I just love the Pats and would go as far as to lay —10, and that prop is out there. So take the Pats minus the points and have a great time, even if you’re not lucky enough to be in Vegas. NEW ENGLAND

Postseason: 4-1

Season: 54-49.


Wednesday, Jan. 28

NC State (+12) at N. Carolina: Revenge just don’t get any bigger than this game for the Tar Heels, who have lost four straight at the hands of their hated rivals. Look for the angry Chapel Hill mob to be in a frenzy as they cheer the Heels to a blow out victory over the Wolfpack. Lay the wood. UNC.

Thursday, Jan. 29

Maryland (+10) at Wake Forest: Points look great in this game as the Terrapins got big win at Clemson in first of consecutive road games. That success sets Maryland up perfectly for this game. Wake has fallen on hard times of late, failing to cover in their last five games. Wake’s lone outright win was at home against overmatched Clemson. Take the points. MARYLAND.

Florida State (+18) at Duke: The Seminoles on major run with a huge come from the dead win against North Carolina and another comeback win over Wake. Duke just may overlook the rejuvenated Noles with Georgia Tech and North Carolina coming up next. Take the points as the threes will be flying for State. FLORIDA STATE

Saturday, Jan. 31

Duke (—2) at Georgia Tech: This will be a great game. No doubt how good Blue Devils are. The question is if GT is this good? Duke won both meetings easily last year, which gives the Jackets some extra motivation. Look for Tech to have supreme effort in front of the frenzied soldout Alexander Memorial Coliseum faithful. GEORGIA TECH

Last week: 3-1

Season: 26-13