Jan 27, 2004 3:30 AM

The Mandalay Resort Group will offer a "no fee" contest for a total prize allocation of $1,000 at all participating properties.

The contest will be held Wednesdays (Excalibur and Edgewater), Thursdays (Monte Carlo) and Fridays (Circus Circus Las Vegas and Reno) at those listed sites.

Entrants must 21 years of age or older and possess a valid form of ID. First place is worth $500, second place $150, third $75, fourth $50 and fifth $25.

The remaining $200 would be distributed throughout the day in an effort to keep people in the race books. The leader would be offered $50 after Race 2, $100 at the halfway point (usually Race 4) and $50 after the three-quarter point (usually Race 6).

The leader must be present or the winnings will be forfeited. The money would then carry over to the next payout. The contest consists of races 1 through the last race at Southern California tracks (Santa Anita, Hollywood Park or Del Mar).

Entrants are asked to submit one horse to Win, one to complete the Quinella, and one alternate horse in the event of a late scratch.

Scoring will be determined by the official track $2 win price and the officials track $2 quinella payoff. For this contest, the mutuel limit for Win is $42 and $102 for Quinella.

A minimum of five races must be run for the contest to be official, otherwise the customer’s results will be cancelled for that day. In the event, the racetrack eliminates the quinella from a race, no betting action will be taken by the house.

If your Win horse is scratched, the Quinella selection becomes the race bet and the alternate is now part of the quinella.

Entrants have 30 minutes after the final race is declared official to challenge contest results.