Prop bets add spice to action!

Jan 27, 2004 5:04 AM

Other than the Super Bowl venue itself, which this year is Houston, no other place on the planet treats pro football’s glamour event like Las Vegas.

And, the great thing is it doesn’t stay here. So stick those ridiculous ads.

The prop bet receives as much, if not more action, than the actually side and total, which currently sits at New England —7 over Carolina at most venues with a 38 total. Props are a unique species in the Super Bowl, created not only to produce house revenue for extreme fan enjoyment.

Imperial Palace pioneered Super Bowl prop betting and again led the way with 160 possible wagers on Super Bowl XXXVIII, some involving basketball, hockey and golf.

"Just don’t call me King of All Pop," said Jay Kornegay, race and sports director at Imperial Palace. "I don’t want to be mistaken for Michael Jackson."

There were no Jackson / Super Bowl props, but perhaps one of the many creative sports book minds may adopt "the most delay of game penalties between the Jackson trial and the Super Bowl. That’s about the only angle not covered in the record amount of prop bets Kornegay and his dedicated staff manufactured over a 72-hour period last week.

But Kornegay isn’t alone. Chuck Esposito came up with 59 at Caesars Palace, which took a quantum leap into the prop world to help satisfy a football-crazed populace that just can’t get enough wagering choices.

Casey Maloni, winner of the GamingToday regular season Bookies Battle, and his staff at Aladdin produced 72 props. The most interesting involved which team would make the first coaches challenge (Carolina —105, New England —125). Another that caught our eye was the price for a 20 1/2-point spread (New England +400, Carolina —600).

And the props kept coming across the Strip and at various locales in around Vegas and Henderson.

"We experimented with some props last year and the response was overwhelming," Esposito said. "This year we took it a step further. We’re especially excited about our Super parlay — involving the winner of the Super Bowl and the winner of the Daytona 500, the Super Bowl of stock car racing. We can’t post the result for a couple of weeks afterward, but the parlay should help the NASCAR fan enjoy the game a little more."

Props and parties, parties and props. The Super Bowl, good or bad, generates cash.

"Showing the game here on eight movie-sized screens and having standing room only crowds makes Vegas the best place to be for the Super Bowl," Esposito said. "The town is electric all week. "I can’t imagine being anywhere else come Super Bowl."

The IP had one for total number of players to throw a pass (over 2 1/2 +200, under —250) along with another involving the number of New England touchdowns against the total number of goals in the Arsenal-Manchester City soccer match played earlier Sunday in England. The Pats were -1/2 even and Arsenal-Manchester City at —130.

"You never know about props," Kornegay said. "Normally we try to guess which gets the most action. Usually it’s "over / under" how many different players to have a pass attempt. Over / under 2 1/2 (under —250, over +200). We figured it went "over" 1-of-5 games. If Rodney Peete puts a helmet on, I’m in trouble."

By the way New England’s backup QB is Rohan Davey from LSU, which won the BCS version of college football’s national championship. Maybe karma works for that prop. Then again, it could be a punter, placekicker or anyone else attempting a pass besides the QB.

"We have other wild ones involving LeBron James, the Bruins-Penguins NHL game, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant and Oklahoma-Nebraska college basketball," Kornegay said. "There’s even one for Mark Green at St. Bonaventure, the kid who was responsible for the team quitting prior to the end of the season."

Many of the props are carryovers from previous years, by popular demand, and listed in similar form all over town. Here are some that we thought were worth further study.

As Spock would say "Live long and prosper."


1. Will the Panthers or the Patriots score 3 straight times?
Yes  -170, No  +135
Excludes PATs & conversions.

2. Total rushing + receiving yards by: Larry Centers (9 1/2)
Over  -115, Under  -115

3. Total receiving yards by: D. Graham (18 1/2)
Over  -115, Under  -115
no receptions, under is winner.

4. Will Panthers score in both the 1st and 2nd quarters?
Yes  +210, No  -270
*Only 4 times has a team scored on NE back to back.

5. Will T. Law (NE) intercept a pass?
Yes +135, No  -170

6. Total number of players (both teams) to have a passing attempt?
Over 2 1/2 (+200), Under  -250

7. Who will have more:
Steve Smith (Car) receiving yards 
-2 1/2  -115
Vijay Singh 4th round score (Phx. Open)  +2 1/2  -115
*Singh must play and complete final 18 holes on Sunday, Feb. 1.

8. Who will have more?:
Troy Brown (NE) receptions: pk  -115
Jerome Iginla (Calgary) shots on goal:  pk -115
*Anaheim @ Calgary on
Feb. 1. Closes at 3:15 p.m.

9. Who will have more?
T Brady (NE) pass attempts +4 ½  -115
Kevin Garnett (Min) points + rebounds -4 1/2  -115
*Philadelphia @ Minnesota on Feb 1. Closes at 11:05 am.

10. Who will have more?
J Delhomme (Car) pass attempts  -2 (-115)
LeBron James (Cle) points + rebounds  +2 (-115)
*Cleveland @ Washington on Feb 1. Closes at 9:05 am.

11. Who will have more?
Patriots points -1/2  -115
Sam Cassell (Min) points  +1/2  -115
*Philadelphia @ Minnesota on Feb 1. Closes at 11:05 am.

12. Who will have more?
Panthers + Patriots points  +8 1/2 -115
Lakers 1st half points   -8 1/2  -115
*LA @ Toronto on Feb. 1.  Closes at 9:35am.

13. Who will have more?
K Faulk (NE) receiving yards  +1/2 -115
Kobe Bryant points  -1/2  -115
*LA @ Toronto on Feb. 1. This prop closes at 9:35 a.m. 

14. Who will have more?
Panthers 1st half points -1/2 -115
Allen Iverson (Phil) made free throws +1/2 -115
*Philadelphia @ Minnesota on Feb 1. Prop closes at 11:05 a.m.

15. Who will have more?
J Delhomme (Car) gross passing yards -9 1/2 -115
76ers + Wolves total points  +9 1/2 -115
*Philadelphia @ Minnesota on Feb. 1. Prop closes at 11:05 a.m.

16. Who will have more?
Oklahoma + Nebraska total points -32 1/2 -115
A Smith (NE) rushing + receiving yards  +32 1/2 -115
*Okla/Neb game on Feb. 1. Prop closes at 10:00 a.m.

17. Who will have more?
Arsenal + Manchester City goals  +1/2 -130
Patriots touchdowns  -1/2  ev
*English Premier Soccer League. Prop closes at 2:00 a.m Sunday.

18. Who will have more?
Maryland total points  +17 1/2  -115
Panthers total rushing yards -17 1/2 -115

19. Who will have more?
M. Green (St. Bonnie) points  -8 1/2  -115
Troy Brown (NE) longest reception +8 1/2 -115
*No receptions is 0.

20. Who will have more?
R Gomes (Providence) points + rebounds -1/2 -115
J Delhomme (Car) longest completion  +1/2  -115
*No completions is 0.



1. Who will win both Super Bowl and Daytona 500?
Pats/Earnhardt Jr 4-1; Pats/Waltrip 5-1; Pats/Johnson 6-1;

Pats/Busch 8-1; Pats/Gordon 10-1; Pats/Stewart 10-1;

Pats/Newman 12-1; Pats/Harvick 12-1; Pats/Kenseth 15-1;

Pats/Field 28-1.

Panthers/Earnhardt Jr 6-1; Pan/Waltrip7-1; Pan/Johnson 10-1;

Pan/Busch 12-1; Pan/Gordon 12-1; Pan/Stewart 12-1; Pan/Newman 15-1;

Pan/Harvick 18-1; Pan/Kenseth 20-1; Pan/Field 35-1.


2. Who will score the most total points?

A. Iverson 2-1; Garnett 3-1; L. James 4-1; PATRIOTS 5-1; K.Bryant 5-1; S. Cassell 6-1; S. O’Neal 6-1; L. Sprewell; G. Robinson 7-1; L. Hughes 8-1; V. Carter 10-1; J. Rose 12-1; D. Marshall 15-1; G. Arenas 18-1; G. Payton 20-1; C. Boozer 22-1; PANTHERS 25-1; Z. Ilgauskas 30-1; D. George 40-1; J. Dixon 50-1.


3. Who will be higher?

V.Singh/P.Mickelson —19½ (+120)

S.Davis/D.Foster +19 ½



4. Which will be higher?

Iverson misses —1 1/2 even

Brady INT +1 1/2 -130


5. L.James pts,reb,ast +3½ (-180)

Super Bowl pts —3 1/2 (+150)


6. Which will be higher?

Pro basketball points +29 1/2 (-150)

SB 38 total offense —29 1/2 (+120)


7. Will Panthers, Pats score 0 pts in quarter?

Yes +130, No —160


8. Which will be higher?

Garnett rebounds +2 1/2 (-200)

SB 38 first half pts —2 1/2 (+170)


9. Total yards of longest TD

Over 36 1/2 -170, Under 36 1/2 +140


10. Which will be higher?

L.James 3-pt baskets +1/2 -140

A.Vinatieri 3-pt FGs -1/2 +110