Maloof on Sac:
“We’re staying!”

Jan 27, 2004 6:36 AM

All the talk of the Maloofs selling the Sacramento Kings or bringing an NBA expansion team to Vegas is garbage.

For now.

"There is a certain sense of insecurity in Sacramento, created by the local media but it’s not coming from our fan base," said George Maloof, whose family also owns Palms Casino Resort.

"From the day we bought the Kings, there has been speculation that we would move to Vegas," Maloof told GamingToday last week. "We’re happy with the fans and are ready to build a new arena in Sacramento."

The only thing that would make the Maloofs leave is if the arena is not built. The Maloofs are one of the few ownerships in the NBA that successfully negotiated an escape clause.

"Arco was built in 1987 and, while the arena remains a nice facility, we feel the team and city deserve better," Maloof said. "But we have no plans to leave or sell. This is not a live or die issue. "