A Grand tournament!

Feb 3, 2004 12:39 AM

Over the past several years I have seen it hail, sleet, rain, flash flood and just about every kind of weather that we ever had in Oklahoma.

But I thought that when we got down here in the southland while we were hosting The Grand American Poker Classic at the Grand Casino that we would run into some warmer weather.

But not only is it cold in Tunica, Mississippi in January, it is also wet.

Yes, the poker is hot and there sure are a lot of poker players here at The Great American Classic Poker Tournament.

These Southern boys and girls sure do like to play a lot of poker. Most of them play poker as if they were double-parked.

I have been playing a lot of $10 & $20 limit hold em’ and these old boys and young ladies will play a lot of poker pots with you.

Yes, these Southern belles must be descendents of Scarlet O’Hara because I have never been check raised by the boys in Vegas this often in my poker life.

Both the boys and the girls will just raise and three bet almost every pot.

In one poker hand I held the American Airlines (AA) on the big blind and would you believe that they capped the pot by multi-raising until they reached the max permitted before the flop.

It was $50 before it got to me and I did not even get to raise with my pocket rockets.

Of course, I wish I could tell you that I won the pot and I did have the best of it until the last card.

Now you folks know that I do not tell bad beat stories and if you play AA against four or five other players you do not have a high probability of winning the pot.

I always teach my poker students that you must raise with big pairs, and AK, AQ so that you can eliminate some of the other poker players from playing in the hand with you. It is best to play these big hands against only one or two other poker players.

If you raise the pot you will have the best chance of winning the pot .If you do not narrow the field you are inviting disaster and a lot of the time you will lose when you play big hands against several other poker players.

At "The Seniors" WCOP Super Sunday event at the Grand we had 147 senior poker players who had reached the young age of 50 during the tournament year of 2004.

The Seniors WCOP poker tournament was No Limit Hold ”˜em, featuring a $20 buy-in and a prize pool of $29,400.

He winner was Joseph Mobley of Pendleton, Kentucky, with second place going to Clyde Bass, and third to Marion Busck.

Rounding out the final table were Martin Bubis, fourth, Jeffrey Heibery, fifth, Nick Machi, sixth, Zane Gray, seventh, Billy Williford, eighth, and Roger Van Driesen, ninth.

At the opening ceremonies, Jim Spain was inducted into "The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

When you are playing with loose poker players like they have playing in the Grand poker room in Tunica, Mississippi you must raise the pot or get out and wait for the next hand.

If your poker hand is not good enough to raise the pot — it is not going to be good enough to call with and the loose poker playing players will ("Shoot em up") cap it off before the flop.

So you must "Hump it or Dump it"!