Feb 3, 2004 5:01 AM

Well, the Big Game is over. I say the Big Game because the Gestapo from the NFL still might be hiding behind a slot machine or a big screen TV.

The NFL had its SS men all over town last week checking up on everyone and stopping them from using the SB word. In fact, The Palms had to cancel a big party planned for one of its large theaters because that screen was too big. According to NFL rules, a game can’t be shown on screens larger then 55 inches.

Also, sports books had to take the SB word off parlay cards — another infringement. And, there’s more! The NFL won’t accept any Las Vegas ads during the big game, God forbid the mighty NFL could be connected to Sin City and gambling. No one gambles on the all-perfect NFL!

Wonder if they realize that if it wasn’t for the betting end, the league wouldn’t be getting those huge TV deals. Do they have their heads up their Astrodome? Oh, I forgot that tax money Vegas generated from NFL bets helped build Reliant Stadium where this Super Bowl was played.

Watching a morning show before the big game, the mayor of Houston was being interviewed and said it all without even knowing it. He said that the Super Bowl is more than just about football. Wow what a revelation!

I don’t think it’s about football at all anymore. It’s about how much money these people can get out of all of us by selling the sex, the NFL logo junk, getting people to pay $2500 for a ticket, paying $1000 for a $75 room and paying $10 for a glass of $1 wine.

It’s all about money and nothing else. These guys who don’t want to be associated with gambling allow MTV to do the halftime show. I wouldn’t let my dog watch that garbage. Please someone take me back to the golden days of the Packers, Bears, and Steelers when the Super Bowl was about football and you could actually sit around and say the "SB" word.


A chip fit for Laffit

Now for some lighter fair.

John Avello, director of Race and Sports at Paris and Bally’s, has unveiled a new casino chip commemorating Laffit Pincay, one of, if not the world’s greatest jockey of all time. Pincay recently retired due to a serious injury.

These chips come in $5 and $25 variety and can be purchased at the casino cage. Should become a real collectors item. While I was over at Bally’s, I noticed the soon to open "Johnny’s Delicatessen" (I wonder who they named it for?) The new deli is located right next to the Race and Sports Book. I heard the menu will in the form of a parlay card. Can’t wait to see that

Slam dunk hoops

Wednesday, Feb. 4

Louisville (PK) at Memphis: Louisville sitting on top of Conference USA at 6-1. Memphis right there at 5-2 and undefeated at home. Must side with home loving Tigers. MEMPHIS.

Saturday, Feb. 7

N. Carolina (+4) at Wake Forest: Heels get just two days rest following titanic battle with Duke. Now must go into Winston-Salem and play the Demon Deacons, who won at Chapel Hill in 3 OT’s 119-114. UNC has had road troubles this year, going down four times. W.FOREST, OVER.

LaSalle (+18) vs St. Joseph’s: Hawks play most of their games at Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse, which holds around 3,200 fans. This TV game is at the famed Palestra in front of 8,700 fans and gives the unbeaten Hawks their chance to strut their stuff for the ESPN audience. A blowout. ST. JOE’S.

Pittsburgh (—2) at Notre Dame: Second of three straight road games for the Panthers as they get sandwiched at South Bend. Pitt was in life and death battle to beat the Irish at home as a 10- point favorite, 74-71. The Irish downed Pitt at home last year, 66-64. The spot again favors the Irish. NOTRE DAME.

Last week: 2-2 Season: 28-15