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Linge-hooraybowls us under

Feb 3, 2004 5:16 AM

Offshore bets were being accepted for the Lingerie Bowl, which took place at halftime of the Super Bowl. Seems, a betting exchange called TradebetX took wagers on the arousing event. Team Dream, led by super model Angie Everhart, opposed cover girl Nikki Ziering in a 7-on-7 tackle football game at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum during halftime of the Super Bowl. Absolutely, brutal.

Team Dream was a slight favorite at even -117, with Team Euphoria even at -104 A number of corporates abandoned ship. Wonder if they enjoyed Janet Jackson and her breast.

...Sensational Super Bowl, although the commercials stunk. So much for that 16½-point win margin over the two-week break. Carolina was a deserving "cover."

...We wish Bookie Battle regulars Casey Maloni (The Aladdin) and D. Wayne Mauldin (Castaways) good luck in their future gaming ventures.