Cluster pattern leads
to keno winning spree

Feb 3, 2004 7:21 AM

How’s this for a video keno winning spree? It started with two $11,000 jackpots on back-to-back days while playing nickel 20-card keno.

Follow that up with 10 video keno jackpots averaging $1,800 apiece over the next 10 days, also playing Multi-Card Keno.

That’s a total win of about $40,000 in less than two weeks time, all while playing nickel Multi-Card Keno!

What’s the secret? It all started with following our Cluster Keno column in GamingToday.

In early January, we published a specific pattern or "cluster" that could be played on IGT’s hot keno game, Multi-Card Keno, or adapted for use on IGT’s older Four Card Keno.

If you missed the article, it suggested a player mark all the 7-spot cards found under the eight numbers that comprise a "stairway" pattern (see illustration).

One industrious reader, who asked that his name be withheld, tried out the cluster at a popular downtown casino.

Well, the results were not only startling, they were immediate. Within days of the article’s appearance, the gentleman hit all the solid 7-spots (eight jackpots at $1,400 each) when all eight numbers in the pattern came in.

The fantastic thing is that he duplicated the feat 24 hours later.

Well, the slot manager at the downtown casino was so concerned that he pulled the Multi-Card Keno games from the floor, and asked IGT to evaluate whether there was some flaw in the system that allowed such fabulous jackpots.

After about 10 days, IGT reported that there was no flaw or glitch in the game’s software, and so the casino returned the games to the floor.

However, in order to prevent exposure to such big payoffs, the games returned without the 5¡ denomination ”” players now can play only 1¡ and 2¡ games.

While waiting for the games to return, our delerious video keno player decided to play at a popular locals casino on the west side.

He found that this casino offered Multi-Card Keno in 5¡ denominations, as well as the penny and two-penny versions.

While playing at the west side casino, the player managed to hit 10 different jackpots. Each one fell short just one number from hitting the $11,200 he had won downtown, but the "consolation" prize of $1,800 (multiplied 10 times!) was certainly nothing to sneeze at.

We all know that there’s a tremendous amount of luck involved when something like this happens. Then again, who’s to say that it couldn’t happen to another video keno player who’s willing to try something different?

Remember, it often takes a little courage to try something different. But the rewards can be worth it.

(L.J. Zahm is the author of Cluster Keno: Using the Zone Method to Win at Video Keno. For a copy, send $19.95 to Cluster Keno, P.O. Box 46303, Las Vegas, NV 89114.)