Master the art
of the check raise!

Feb 10, 2004 12:54 AM

Carol, in a recent column I told the folks about how proud we are of our daughter Sarah who we are training to be lady poker champion.

Honey, I told the folks about losing some of my shirt buttons because I was so proud of her progress in learning both how to play live poker and also in her courage in playing in competition with other older more experienced poker players in the poker tournaments in Las Vegas, at the Luxor, Sahara and out at the Orleans poker rooms.

Well, folks you will forgive me if I tell you that I lost a lot more buttons last week when Sarah played against 70 older more experienced poker players at the Sahara hotel poker room last Sunday night in their no limit poker tournament and she beat them all.

Sarah won her first poker no limit poker tournament.

I teach poker better than I play poker and I am sure that Sarah will soon be a skilled, experienced poker player both in live poker playing as well as poker tournaments and that the student will become my teacher.

I had set a timeline for Sarah of five years to attain all the expertise that she would need to acquire before she could win a major poker tournament and become a star of ladies poker in the card rooms of the world and be seen by all on television.

With all the poker players who are now viewing the World Poker Tour, Celebrity Poker and the other poker shows on the television, it is not strange that our 21-year-old-daughter, Sarah wants to learn how to play poker and how to win poker tournaments.

Sarah went with us last year to The World Poker Finals at Foxwoods where we hosted "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker annual tournament for "The Seniors" WCOP of Limit Hold ”˜em. And that she will be coming with us on our poker tour of Europe this month where she will play with us at the old Vic in London Town. Then that she will be with us at the Aviation Club in Paris where we will be hosting the inaugural of "The Seniors" European poker championship on February 10.

Honey, when we were up at Foxwoods I was happy to go with you and Sarah to Mystic, a little seaport town with all the tall ships and have a fresh fish dinner. Then we went to Newport to see all the old mansions that the very rich people built for their vacation homes in the late 1800’s. It was also fun to go with you girls up to Boston and to have lunch in the oldest operating restaurant in the world today (The Union Oyster House).

Carol it was great to set in a chair that my great, great cousin Nathan Hale may have set in while he and a lot of our forefathers planned the Boston Tea Party and the Revolutionary war.

It was thrilling to walk with you girls on the Freedom Trail.

While we were at the Old North Church on the Freedom Trail I remembered the ride of Paul Revere when he warned the folks about which way the British were coming by the hanging of signal lanterns in the tower of the Old North Church in Boston.

Paul warned the folks by hanging one lantern if they were coming by land or hanging two lanterns up in the Old North Church tower if the British were coming by sea.

Sarah, of course, cannot play in "The Seniors" WCOP events, but she did enjoy playing live poker in the Foxwoods world famous poker room and I am sure that she will gain a lot of valuable experience while she is playing in all the poker rooms around the European continent.

"Oklahoma Johnny" poker tip of the week

I wish to continue with the poker education and training of Sarah as my poker tip for this week.

Sarah, the raise is one of the most important tools that you will ever find to use when you are playing poker. You must always keep this tool in your poker toolbox and I want you to remember to use it frequently and raise the pot at every opportunity.

But now I am going to tell you about another tool that the experienced and winning poker players use. This very important poker tool is the check raise.

In order to execute the check raise you must learn to be a good actress.

You must act as if you have lost interest in playing the pot and that your hand is not very good and that you will throw it away as soon as someone bets the pot.

Sarah, you can do this!

It is not that hard to master this poker skill. It will be so easy for you to fool the other poker players — just practice while you are playing your poker hands and cause the other player to think that most of the time that you do not like your hand by throwing it away in the same casual manner each time.

Then when you have a really good hand act the same way that you have been acting when you would just throw your hand away when someone bet.

Now you have arranged things so that you can just check as you have been doing when you did not have a good poker hand but this time when they make a bet as you have trained them to do because they think you are a weak target.

But you will teach them that this target shoots back and you will raise them back.

You will gain their immediate respect. The pot will be bigger when you win it and the next time when your hand is not so good and you just check to them they will fear that you will check raise them again and sometimes you will get a free card.

Sarah you have trained the other poker players to play the way you want them to play.

Sarah, it will be beautiful when you learn to execute the check raise.

You will now be feared and respected and you will get the money.

This closes the poker lesson for the day.

Until next time, remember to stay lucky!