Disconnect cell phone rule
in books

Feb 10, 2004 3:43 AM

Well the Super Bowl is over, but March Madness is just around the corner so not much will change in Vegas.

The Sports Books will have huge crowds, especially during the opening round. But they must remember not to use the term "March Madness" as it could be an infringement of copyright. We suggest adopting an assortment of phrases such as "March Mania, Hoops Hysteria" and so forth to avoid the wrath and CBS and the NCAA.

Talking to several sports book supervisors and managers after the Super Bowl, they were very happy with the crowds, handle and outcome. There was one gripe ”” believe it or not, the use of cell phones in the book and at some of the big party’s where you could enjoy the game and also bet on it.

It’s a gaming regulation to have a cell phone in the book area, where the opportunity exists to convey the line on the game. (As if they don’t know from reading the paper or watching every sport show on TV or even the National News!).

But the gripe wasn’t what you think. The books would like to see this stupid regulation disappear. Banning cell phones makes customers angry and drives them and security crazy.

One ticket writer told me that two guys were arguing in a very heated nose to nose situation and looked like they would go to fisticuffs. All the while there were no security guards coming to break it up. Two rows behind them, an elderly lady took out her cell phone to make a call and was attacked by three armed guards.

The explanation was that it was illegal for the lady to use the cell phone, that she could have been calling her bookie to give out a game line. I have the answer to all this foolishness ”” security guards. The books should have an officer stationed in front of the entrance and make everyone who has a cell phone check it in just like they did back in the Old West with their six shooters.

After all, we must be back in the Old West if we still have a dumb, stupid idiotic, crazy, meaningless regulation like this. But it’s OK that two guys can fight in the book!

Gaming needs to move into the 21st century. Instead of alienating people, the industry should be looking for ways to keep gamblers coming here instead of spending time at home on their cell phone. Who knows, those customers just may be betting on-line without being harassed by some poor Supervisor or Security guard just trying to keep their jobs.

Diamond gem

With baseball just around the corner, I know there are a lot of people that like to make future bets on total wins and losses. Well here is one that my favorite future handicapper Lou Lamatrice passed on to me.

For the past several years, Lamatrice has won all his future bets so let’s hope he continues hot. Lou is betting that the Colorado Rockies will go over total wins, which should be around 80 to 81. With the loss of Kevin Brown in LA, Curt Schilling in Phoenix, Rich Aurilla in San Fran, the West Division is looking more wide open which will give the Rockies a shot a many more wins.