2 breasts up
for Pro Bowl

Feb 10, 2004 5:54 AM

Emotion in the Pro Bowl and back-checks at the NHL All Star Game? Wassup!

There were two All Star events actually living up to the billing. No, Janet Jackson didn’t show up again.

An amazing 107 points were scored in the Pro Bowl with the AFC blowing an almost certain cover as a 3-point favorite in a 55-52 loss to the NFC. Heinz Ward brought the AFC back within a field goal after the NFC rallied from a three-TD deficit.

The Pro Bowl may have started as an exhibition, but there was plenty of drama and hitting at the end. As there was in Minnesota, where the total would never threaten the 15½. The best in the NHL gave hockey a much needed shot in the arm. Now, if they can just avoid a strike.

...Micah Roberts provides some early Daytona movers: Andretti 125-1 to 20-1, Biffle 60-1 to 22-1, Jarrett 28-1 to 15-1.