How to survive poker in Europe!

Feb 17, 2004 12:32 AM

Carol , I want to tell the folks back home all about our trip to London , Paris, and all the other poker rooms on the continent in Europe, But that will have to wait for a future column when we get back to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.

The Inaugural of the European Seniors at the Aviation Club in Paris, was a great success.

Carol, they have already invited us to return next year to host "The Seniors" in Europe.

How are you going to keep me down on the farm after I have seen Paree?

I will tell the folks all about the event as soon as I get all the pictures and information together.

The poker at the old Vic in London town was a little different than it is in Las Vegas and for that matter different than any other poker room that I have every played in my lifetime.

First of all, I want to tell the folks that you cannot talk while you are playing a poker hand in London.

Most all of you know that when I play poker that I like to say a few words, but in London that is prohibited.

I will have to admit that not talking when I am playing poker is a lot like eating without a fork.

All of the poker games in London and Europe are pot limit games. It does not matter what type of poker that you choose to play; they are all played pot limit.

Most of the folks in the States play limit poker or in the tournaments it is sometimes no-limit in the big games on TV. But here in Europe all the games are pot limit.

I loved it because I sometimes like to bet a little more than the limit, so it has been possible for me to pay expenses while Carol and I have been on this trip.

Tomorrow and the next couple of weeks we will go play poker in some of the other poker rooms on the continent.

Sure, I know that you want to go shopping in all the fancy shops and for me to take you to see all the sights, but I am sure that you will let me play a little poker in each of the countries that we visit. But please understand that I only play poker to balance the payments.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker tip of the week"

When you are in Rome, you must be a Roman and when you play poker in Europe you must be silent and not talk as you play.

Until next time stay lucky.