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PR flacks should find some respect

Feb 17, 2004 1:35 AM

I write for a long-standing reputable publication, yet some flacks in our city still believe the local media are second-class citizens; a lower tier of journalist that doesn’t deserve credentials, tickets or consideration for major events.

Of course, they want me to share with my readers’ news about every little happening at their property. But when it comes to something big, they only offer excuses.

Moreover, it’s pathetic how they step-and-fetch for TV, or networks, or E! or any other broadcast media outlet. PR flacks should remember those of us who are here 365 days, and not just for a "special" opening now and then.

It was Dwight Eisenhower’s press secretary who once advised, "Never get a columnist angry at you." Obviously, these amateurs haven’t learned their lessons yet.

In any case, I hope Elton had a nice opening.

My Celine Dion looked fabulous with her long dark hair on the Grammy telecast. She was also totally professional on stage despite the horrendous sound problems she endured during her tribute to Luther Vandross. But, the New York papers reported that she "went ballistic" backstage "reaming everyone in French." Ooh la la!

New York’s WB ”” Channel 11 ”” is sending reporter Larry Huff our way to do a couple of live telecasts. Huff is bringing some New York party gals with him to experience Las Vegas. Huff is looking for some local celebrities to participate in the live segments. The down side is that he wants to do them live beginning at 3 a.m. our time.

I’m aghast. The cover photo of Janet Jackson’s new CD is her in the nude. Does this surprise you? I could care less, but the repercussions of her "nipplegate" continue. The national debut ”” with a very limited audience ”” of the Vegas Television channel was delayed due to some racy segments. I also hear that a local nightspot is actually considering doing a breast wall of fame. Only in Las Vegas!

New York is the locale of the next "CSI" television series. The major difference between the Las Vegas and Miami versions is that CBS honcho Les Moonves is pushing to have the entire show shot in the city. We deserve to have our version all shot here, but it’s a lot cheaper to do the interiors in a Los Angeles sound stage.

I’m hearing that if Sir Donald of Trump has his way, and he usually does, he wants to make a deal for the Frontier, implode it and replace it with the Desert Trump Tower. Remember, Sir Donald owns 10 percent of the Riviera.

Kelly Clinton may be the hardest working girl (not that way) in the city, after me, of course. She’s the on-camera announcer-plus on TV’s "Vegas Live!" an impressionist in (name) nightly show at Harrah’s and host of her own karaoke festivities Monday nights at the Bootlegger. Her celebrity karaoke events are star-studded and a great way to see some of our top Strip performers in action. The shows begin at 10 o’clock. It’s usually SRO, so make sure you’re very nice to Bootlegger manager, Ruth Catalano.

Brilliant composer and conductor Marvin Hamlisch will perform at UNLV Sunday evening as part of the "Best of New York" stage series. Tickets are a reasonable $35 to $60. Also, this weekend country favorite Ricky Van Shelton plays two shows at the Silverton on Saturday. Tickets are a bargain $19.99.

I want to thank everyone for their kindness in helping me make the shooting of the pilot for my television show such a grand success. Madeline Weekley, Tyri Squires, Terry Jenkins, the cast of Skintight, George Wallace, Frank Marino, the ladies of Crazy Girls and the cast of Lord of the Dance”¦you are all the greatest. A special thanks goes to the New York crew that worked so hard to rein me in and to the calming encouragement from my Uncle Frank.

Rip Taylor and I shared queen talk at the Stardust and he informed me that his show, "It Ain’t All Confetti," will be staged next month at UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theatre.

Lots of rumors about lots of production shows continue with no formal announcements. The Mirage has to be forthcoming with a plan soon. After all, how long can the Siegfried & Roy Theatre stay dark? And, when will the Venetian folk say that it’s having two showrooms? The current C2K totally refurbished for acts and the old Guggenheim space for a Broadway show.

We’re so into reality, so how about this one? According to gossip maven Lloyd Grove, Hugh Hefner (who could have a local hotel tower named after his Playboy organization) not only loves buxom blonde girlfriends, he also likes watching men — at least on video. A former Miss October 1944 claims that Hef "likes to watch all kinds of gay porn”¦I don’t know if he actually tried bisexual activity, but he’s definitely curious about it."