Cili at Bali Hai GC

Feb 17, 2004 2:05 AM

Meat quality: 8-oz, Grade-A beef.

Type of fries: regular.

Bun size: medium.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: snack bar or restaurant.

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes.

Price: $15.75.

Atmosphere: upscale, scenic.

Rating/comment: 3.5 wimpys


Talk about your expensive places! Yes, this is an elite golf course so you expect high prices. After all, it costs something like $260 to play Bali Hai before 1 p.m. this time of year. As for the food, you can either grab a quick meal in the classy outdoor cabana snack bar between nines or rest up and eat in the lavish Cili restaurant. You won’t be cheated on the size of the burger or the quantity of fries offered. But that $15.75 price is absolutely ridiculous. That’s the highest of any place we’ve reviewed in Bytes history. The total gave us indigestion and ruined a perfectly good burger. And, no, this wasn’t a freebee. Of course, if you’re even out here to begin with, $15.75 is like playing penny machines. If you live the high life, raise this rating to 4.5.