Rebels coachmust draw fans

Feb 24, 2004 6:57 AM

We wish retiring Charlie Spoonhour a full return to good health. Spoon is a good man and did the best job he could at UNLV. But he was just another patch on a flat tire which has acted up since Jerry Tarkanian was shown the door.

Whether you liked Tark or not, he put fannies in the seats, bringing an exciting, if not "sinister" appeal.

"Get Rich" was right on last week, so we’ll take it a step further. No Rick Pitino. The administration botched that one nicely. UNLV needs a charismatic coach with a winning track record and national appeal.

...Steve Lavin: A younger version of Pat Riley right down to the last slick hair. UCLA misses him.

...Bob Knight: Started popping off more at Texas Tech and his tantrums would stay here. Right?.

..John Thompson: Lives in Vegas, has national title and offers integrity to school that needs it.