No place like home in Vegas!

Mar 1, 2004 11:31 PM

America, The Beautiful. The United States of America. What a wonderful country!

My wife Carol, our daughter Sarah, our invited daughter Clarie and I recently returned home to Las Vegas, after staying three weeks in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Italy.

Carol and I hosted the inaugural edition of "The European Seniors" Poker Championship at the world famous Aviation Club in Paris de France on the avenue Des Champs-Elysees during the Euro Finals of Poker which the Aviation Club hosts each year in Paris, France.

Carol, Sarah and I played poker in many of the countries that we visited.

The poker games were different (most all of the games were played pot limit). The monies we used were dollars, franks, euros, pounds and tournament chips.

I never tell a bad beat story and never brag, but if it is fact I can tell it like it is.

I like playing poker with the folks over there, but I have lived in the Las Vegas desert for a lot of years and I like to play poker where it is warm and eat good old country food.

When we returned to our home in Las Vegas, I have to tell you that I kissed the ground. I made a big fire in the fireplace in the den and then I turned on all the heat in the house. I then made another big fire in the fireplace in the living room.

I cooked some American food, turned on the electric blanket and went to sleep for two days.

Yes, I have kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland and this gave me the right to tell and embellish a story now and again.

I have been overseas, the Far East ”” Japan, Korea and a lot of the island nations, as well as Africa and most of the nations of the old and new world.

I have been to Old Mexico and all the nations of Central and South America and a lot of other places in this big old world of ours. But this time, I really was happy to get back home.

Now folks I want to say a kind word about Europe.

There are some really nice people over there on that side of the pond. I always invite all of the people of the world and tell them that they are very welcome to come to America and to Las Vegas to play a little poker with us.

The United States of America is the melting pot of all the poker players of the world.

Yes, we have room for them and we welcome them to come and play in our poker rooms and in our poker tournaments.

Oh yes, we need more poker players. You understand so that the players from other parts of the world will bring our dollars home, just to balance the payments.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

When you are playing poker in a different country or if the poker players are playing different poker games with different rules, it is best to always maintain a very positive attitude while you learn the new rules of the game that you are playing.

It is best to watch and play poker very carefully.

You should play poker like porcupines make love — gingerly, until you have mastered all of the differences in the new or different poker games or new rules that are in use at a new poker club or location. 

A good positive attitude will help remove the cobwebs (negative thoughts) from your mind and help you get in tune with your new club or poker game. 

This will enable your mind to make good decisions. If you do this I will give you my "Oklahoma Guarantee" that you can play poker anywhere, anytime with anybody and you can take the money home and count it there.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!