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Irene’s Cocktail Lounge

Mar 2, 2004 2:56 AM

Meat quality: 8-oz, Grade-A beef.

Type of fries: regular.

Bun size: medium.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: window walk-up.

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes.

Price: $4.57 (without drink).

Atmosphere: standard, homey.

Rating/comment: 5 wimpys.


Having to walk up to a window and order meals make you feel like you’re in BTs, but the finished product changes that. This was one outstanding burger ”” juicy and easy to digest. Good fries, drinks and even video slot machines that give you a chance to win. The service was decent and the lunch crowd was comfortable to be around.

Frankly, Irene’s exceeded our expectations, particularly with the very reasonable price. We’ll definitely be back when we have more time to explore those video games.