L&L Hawaiian Barbeque

Mar 9, 2004 2:33 AM

Meat quality: 8-oz, Grade-A beef.

Type of fries: regular, crinkly.

Bun size: medium.

Drink: various beverages.

Order method: counter walk-up, drive-in.

Wait time for meal: 15 minutes.

Price: $5.63.

Atmosphere: standard fast-food.

Rating/comment: 3.5 wimpys

We heard about this Hawaiian short-order fast-food eaterie that whipped up a killer double-cheeseburger. L&L specializes in chicken katsu, "Hawaii’s #1 Barbeque" and the "best local food." Well, we took a shot at the burger and offer a passing grade. The crinkled fries were a nice throwback (most restaurants have gone away from the traditional style) and the burger was tasty. However, it did leave a heavy feeling and we caught the place at a time it could have used a cleaning. The price is reasonable, but you visit a number of sports bars and get a better burger for just a few cents more. A decent meal, but not memorable.