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Senior tourney gets first referee

Mar 15, 2004 11:59 PM

Carol, a few months ago in May 2003 I wrote in an article in GamingToday that posed the question, does poker need its own referees?

In that article I attempted to point out some of the problems of the poker world and I suggested that it would be better for us players to clean up poker ourselves rather than to wait until the federal government or the local gaming commissions took over for us (the poker players) and passed laws, rules and regulations that would be expensive and troublesome to administer and would cause the casinos to have to charge greater fees and increase the drop to pay the regulators to police the game of poker that we all love so much.

I remembered that just a few years ago that there were five banks robbed in Las Vegas in one day. This called to mind the question that was asked of the notorious bank robber Willie Sutton, when he was asked, "Why do you hold up banks?" His reply was "Because that’s where the money is."

Well, folks there are now millions upon millions of dollars in tournament poker and that is now where a lot of the money is.

I pointed out that when there is smoke there is usually fire, and where there are large amounts of money involved that there are unscrupulous people who will do bad things.

Think just for a moment about the World Series of baseball and the "Black Sox Scandal" and now we have a baseball commissioner and the current problems of the inside dealing and the money that is being stolen from the innocent investor in the stock market on Wall Street.

I am not pointing the finger at anyone or any poker game.

Let us just for now assume that everything is the squeakiest of clean. We need to put up some boiler plating before a modern poker Willie Sutton finds out that "That’s where the money is"

I am trying to speak to the world of poker in general when I say that when we have multi-millions of dollars at risk on the turn of a card, that that card must be a fair, honest and a random card.

We must prohibit and take the necessary steps to eliminate team play and the collusion of players who combine their money and their talent to effect who the winner of a tournament will be.

What with the hackers and crooks who can breach the computers of the United States government and card mechanics who can pull a card out of your ear, we must take our heads out of the sand and admit that if there is not now a serious problem, that in the near future there will be one.

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I am trying, Carol, to be like the Christopher’s and light just one little candle rather than to cuss the darkness.

I proposed that we the poker players of the world create a third force to protect the poker game. I have dubbed them "The Senior" Stewards of poker.

"The Seniors" World Championship of poker will hold it’s annul poker tournament at the home of "The Seniors" in the Grand Hotel card room, October 13-24, 2004.

I have searched my mind for the person that I would want to select to become the first of "The Seniors" WCOP "Stewards of Poker" and today I have good news.

The position has been offered to and accepted by a man who has been tested by the fires of time, a man that has the experience, the fairness, the understanding of all the games of poker, a man who is known and trusted by all of the poker players of the world.

He’s the first tournament director to ever be inducted into "The Seniors" WCOP Poker Players Hall of Fame because of his outstanding ability to direct poker tournaments with decorum, expertise and fairness.

"The Seniors" WCOP is proud to announce that the man who will monitor and serve as "The Seniors" First Steward of Poker during the championship event at "The Seniors" XII (WCOP) in Tunica, Mississippi will be "The Silver Eagle," Robert (Bob) Thompson.

"Oklahoma Johnny" poker tip of the week

There is an old Oklahoma saying that it’s okay to trust the other poker players, but always be sure that you cut the cards before they are dealt.

As Webster is to dictionaries, so is the book of Hoyle to poker. Read and know all the rules of the game, and make sure that the game is played according to Hale.

Help become a part of the third force and together we will create the "Stewards of Poker." Then you will have a better chance to take the money on home and count it there.

Until next time remember to stay lucky!