A tip of the hat to Chuck

Mar 16, 2004 12:39 AM

One of our good friends has passed on to play in a higher game. Carol, I know that you will want to join me and the loyal readers of GamingToday who want to give a tip of their hats to Chuck Di Rocco.

We also join thousands of loyal readers who send their condolences to Chuck’s wife Eileen, his son Eddie, his family and his host of friends.

A couple of years ago before I started to write this "Back in the Saddle Again" column I was honored to be mentioned in Chuck’s world famous column "Marker Down" and it was always a pleasure when he would from time to time make reference to my column while he was writing about his life and times in the gaming community in his renowned column.

Carol, you will remember last year’s Christmas party for the friends of Chuck and Eileen at the Las Vegas Country Club. It was remarkable to see Chuck being his usual jovial and charming self when he greeted and visited with all of his and his wife Eileen’s guests.

Everyone knew that Chuck was waging one of the most difficult battles of his life. Chuck was true to his life long code ("never let the facts interfere") and Chuck and Eileen made sure that all of their guests were having a good time.

All of us who knew Chuck will miss him. Carol and I wish him God’s speed and thanks for a life well spent.

Most of the time I sign off by saying Stay Lucky. This time I would like to just say for Carol and me, that we were lucky to have known Chuck