NHL’s problemnot Bertuzzi

Mar 16, 2004 7:44 AM

Todd Bertuzzi became the latest poster boy for all that is wrong with hockey. Bertuzzi is paying the price for his sadistic act, but it’s not fair to indict the sport. Fights have long been a part of the NHL and fans enjoy seeing a few punches exchanged in the heat of battle. Bertuzzi is paying the price for being a thug, but media morons who don’t follow the NHL enjoy trashing it. The league will never gain large TV ratings in this country because it’s Canada’s sport.

Betting has never been brisk here, but then soccer suffers the same problem. This country won’t accept a sport called football in all parts of the globe but here.

Besides, we’re too much involved in March Madness to think about pucks or Beckham. I’m filling out my college hoops brackets and picking Gonzaga to win it all.

And, we like Limehouse to capture the Kentucky Derby in May.