Bottom line on 65 hopefuls

Mar 16, 2004 8:50 AM


SU / ATS: 17-12, 16-8

Notes: Lost to Providence, Xavier. Defense allows 42 percent FG. Was 0-5 in the middle of the year. Went 5-7 SU, 7-3 ATS on the road.


SU / ATS: 22-6, 12-7

Notes: Went 11-2 in Mountain West. Shoots 39 percent from 3-point range. Allows 51 ppg on road. Went 7-2 ATS away from home. Lost to Auburn. Beat California.

ARIZONA (Pac 10):

SU / ATS: 20-9, 12-16

Notes: Averages 89 points at home, 84 on road. The "over" was 10-1 in road contests. Went 5-7 ATS on road. Lost to Stanford (twice) and Washington (three times).

BOSTON COL (Big East):

SU / ATS: 23-9, 16-11

Notes: Defense allows 64 ppg, 40 percent FG. Shoots 45 percent from field. The "under" was 13-4 during regular season. Defeated Syracuse, NC State.


SU / ATS: 21-8, 12-14

Notes: Was 10-5 SU, 8-6 ATS on road. Led C-USA in scoring (79 ppg). Averaged 80.7 ppg on road. Defeated Syracuse. Lost to Memphis, Cincinnati. The "over" was 6-2 in road games.


SU / ATS: 24-6, 14-13

Notes: Shot 43 percent on road. Allowed 64 ppg. Has struggled in past NCAA tourneys against elite teams. Won league tournament, beating Louisville and DePaul.

UCONN (Big East):

SU / ATS: 27-6, 12-17

Notes: Holds opponents to 38 percent from field. Offense scores 80 ppg. Shoots 48 percent from floor. Won Big East tournament over Pitt.

DAYTON (A-10):

SU / ATS: 24-8, 15-12

Notes: Won the West Division of Atlantic 10. Defeated Pepperdine, Richmond and A-10 tourney champ Xavier during regular season.


SU / ATS: 21-9, 19-10

Notes: Posted wins against Memphis, UAB, Cincinnati and Louisville. Went 8-4 both SU and ATS on the road.


SU / ATS: 27-5, 15-15

Notes: Shot 37 percent from 3-point range. Scores 78 ppg. Led ACC in scoring defense (59 ppg). Lost to Maryland in ACC tournament final.


SU / ATS: 17-12, 16-8

Notes: Shot 39 percent from 3-point range. Averages 71 ppg on road. Struggles with physical teams. Lost to Miss St, Tenn, Kentucky, Maryland and Louisville. Defeated Arizona.


SU / ATS: 23-9, 18-13

Notes: Was 8-6 ATS on road. Beat UConn, Texas Tech, and Ohio State by double digit margins.


SU / ATS: 27-2, 17-11

Notes: Averages 82 ppg, 51 percent FG, 76 percent FT, 41 percent from 3-point range. Went 9-4 ATS on road. Beat Georgia, Maryland, Missouri. Lost to Stanford and St. Joe’s.

ILLINOIS (Big 10):

SU / ATS: 24-6, 13-12

Notes: Allows 40 percent FG (third in Big 10). Lost by 19 to Providence. Led Big 10 in 3-point shooting (39 percent).

KANSAS (Big 12):

SU / ATS: 21-8, 10-16

Notes: Shoots 46 percent from field. Allows 40 percent FG. Went 5-8 ATS both home and away.


SU / ATS: 26-4, 16-11

Notes: The "under" was 13-9 during regular season. Went 21-3 SU last two years on the road. Won SEC tournament, defeating Florida.


SU / ATS: 20-9, 12-14

Notes: Defeated Seton Hall, Kentucky, Tennessee. Split with Cincinnati. Hampered by injuries in second half of season.


SU / ATS: 19-11, 14-13

Notes: Enters NCAA tourney playing best ball of year after upsets of NC State and Duke to win ACC tournament. Improved from last year’s 2-9 ATS mark on the road.


SU / ATS: 21-7, 15-10

Notes: Finished just 1-3 in last four games. Shoots just 66 percent from free throw line. Went 7-5 ATS on the road. Fell to Wake Forest. Defeated Missouri, Ole Miss, Providence.


SU / ATS: 18-11, 13-14

Notes: Buoyed by early-season strength of schedule, having played Kansas, Duke, Oklahoma, Kentucky, UCLA, Syracuse. Led Big 10 in FG shooting (49 percent), Just 5-7 ATS on road. Last in Big 10 in defense (allowed 45.8 percent FG).


SU / ATS: 25-3, 18-6

Notes: Went 11-0 SU, 9-1 ATS on road. Had No. 4 defense in SEC (40 percent) and No. 2 in rebounding (40 per game). Won SEC regular season title.


SU / ATS: 20-8, 16-9

Notes: Averages 73 ppg, 45 percent FG, 80 percent FT. No. 3 in ACC scoring defense (allows 65 ppg). Went 7-4 ATS on road. The "under" was 7-3 in road games.


SU / ATS: 20-8, 16-9

Notes: Shoots 46 percent FG, including 35 percent from 3-point range. Finished 11-2 SU in last 13 games. Making first trip to NCAA tournament. Beat Kansas.


SU / ATS: 18-10, 14-12

Notes: The "over" was 14-8 during regular season. Defeated UConn. Led ACC in scoring (83 ppg). Was 4-8 SU and 4-7 ATS on the road.

OKLA ST (Big 12):

SU / ATS: 27-3, 13-12

Notes: Went 7-3 SU and 5-5 ATS on the road. Led nation in FG percentage (51). Opponents shoot just 42 percent.

PITT (Big East):

SU / ATS: 29-4, 15-10

Notes: Outscored opponents by 16 points during regular season. Allows just 60 ppg on road. Shoots only 62 percent from foul line. Lost to UConn in Big East tourney final.


SU / ATS: 20-8, 13-13

Notes: Went 7-4 ATS on road. Enters NCAA tournament off two straight losses.

SETON HALL (Big East):

SU / ATS: 20-9, 15-9

Notes: Finished 10-6 in Big East after 0-2 start. Was 1-3 SU as road dog. Ranked teams averaged just 56 ppg on offense against SH.


SU / ATS: 23-10, 14-12

Notes: Top defense in SEC, allowing 38 percent FG. Went 9-6 ATS on road. Shot just 42 percent from the field.


SU / ATS: 25-4, 16-12

Notes: Was 11-2 SU and 9-3 ATS on road. Shoots 45 percent FG, 69 percent FT, 33 percent from 3-point range. Now has three straight 20-win seasons in Missouri Valley Conference.

ST. JOSEPH’S (A-10):

SU / ATS: 27-1, 15-11

Notes: Had 27-game winning streak ended by Xavier in second round of Atlantic 10 tourney. Beat teams by average of 16 points. Shoots 48 percent from field, allows just 39 percent FG.


SU / ATS: 29-1, 15-11

Notes: Allows 39 percent shooting on road and 63.5 ppg. Went 8-3 ATS away from home. Lead Pac 10 in defense and rebounding. The "under" is 14-6 in Cardinal games.

SYRACUSE (Big East):

SU / ATS: 21-7, 10-15

Notes: Shot just 27 percent in regular season loss to Pitt. Defending NCAA tourney champ not as strong this year. Has been inconsistent on offense.

TEXAS (Big 12):

SU / ATS: 22-10, 12-13

Notes: Went 2-2 as a road dog. Allows 75.8 ppg. Depth is team’s strength. Lost to Oklahoma State in Big 12 tourney final.

TEXAS TECH (Big 12):

SU / ATS: 22-10, 15-15

Notes: Posted third straight 20-win season for first time in school history. Went 5-9 ATS on road, including five consecutive SU road losses. Was 14-1 SU at home.


SU / ATS: 20-9, 16-10

Notes: Went 5-7 ATS in road games. Doesn’t play many elite teams out of conference. Has won 40 of last 61 league contests.


SU / ATS: 24-8, 16-12

Notes: Defeated UNLV in Mountain West tourney final. Opponents shoot just 40 percent from field. Went 0-3 against Texas Tech, LSU and UConn, losing to Huskies by 32.


SU / ATS: 21-9, 14-13

Notes: Averages 73.8 ppg. Lives by the 3-point shot. Went just 4-7 ATS on road.


SU / ATS: 19-9, 13-14

Notes: The "over" was 16-4 in Wake’s contests. Defense allowed 79 ppg on road. Offense scored 84 at home, 82 on road. Beat Duke, Cincinnati in four-day span.


SU / ATS: 26-4, 21-7

Notes: Allows 43 percent from field. Shoots 47 percent FG. Defeated USC and Arizona State as 4-point dog.


SU / ATS: 24-6, 17-13

Notes: Defense allows just 57 ppg. Went 5-7 ATS on road. At best when playing slow down, patient game. Physical team.

XAVIER (A-10):

SU / ATS: 23-10, 17-14

Notes: Finished strong, going 13-1 SU and 12-2 in last 14 games. Won Atlantic 10 tourney with wins over Dayton and previously unbeaten St. Joe’s.


SU / ATS: 21-8, 15-11

Notes: Went 15-1 at home, but just 6-7 SU on road. Defeated Oklahoma State. Lost to NC State.


SU / ATS: 17-12, 16-8

Notes: Making first NCAA appearance since 1998. Noted for upsetting elite teams. Finished 10-3 in last 13 games. Beat Kansas and Xavier in non-conference play.


SU / ATS: 19-11, 18-12

Notes: Was 7-1 in last eight games. Closed 14-3. Beat Arizona three times and handed Stanford its only loss. First NCAA appearance since 1999. Averaged 81 ppg.


SU / ATS: 24-5, 16-12

Notes: Won Metro Atlantic tourney. Went 8-3 SU and 7-4 ATS on road. Covered in close loss to defending national champ Syracuse on road.


SU / ATS: 23-7, 15-12

Notes: Finished 14-2 in last 16 games to win Colonial Conference. Defense allows 63 ppg. Beat Western Kentucky. Lost to Georgia Tech. Posted 8-5 SU mark on road.


SU / ATS: 21-9, 16-8

Notes: Went 10-1 SU and 8-3 ATS in last 11 games. The "under" was 4-1 in last five UNI contests. Posted 7-4 ATS road mark. Went 2-0 ATS against Iowa and Iowa State.

PACIFIC (Big West):

SU / ATS: 24-7, 18-9

Notes: Went 20-1 in last 21 games. Riding current 15-game win streak. Was 10-3 ATS on the road. Covered in losses to Duke and St. Joe’s. Defeated WAC champ Nevada.


SU / ATS: 27-5, 16-9

Notes: Closed Southern Conference schedule with 15-1 record, including league title game. Averaged 79 ppg. Went 9-4 ATS on the road. Lost to Texas Tech and Clemson.


SU / ATS: 25-5, 0-0

Notes: Atlantic Sun champion. Lost to Florida but game did not have posted line. Allows only 40 percent FG. Shoots 46 percent from field.


SU / ATS: 28-5, 13-8

Notes: Finished 13-1 in last 14 games. Lost at Louisville, Pittsburgh. Defeated Southern Illinois, TCU. Making 10th NCAA appearance in 16 years from Ohio Valley Conference.


SU / ATS: 24-7, 17-10

Notes: Allows 43 percent FG and 62.5 ppg. Shoots 46 percent from field. Beat Northwestern in limited out of conference play. Three straight 20-win seasons.


SU / ATS: 20-8, 15-8

Notes: Shoots 47 percent FG. Was 3-0 ATS against Dayton, Arizona and Xavier. Posted 9-4 ATS mark on road. Won 20 games four times in last five years in Sun Belt Conference.


SU / ATS: 20-7, 12-9

Notes: Closed with nine straight wins, including regular season finale over Penn. Went 13-1 in Ivy League. Famed for patient offense and pulling upsets in past NCAA tourneys.


SU / ATS: 18-12, 0-0

Notes: Not as strong as past years, but finished 14-3 in last 17 games. Won Mid Continent title. Allows 76 ppg on roa