Seniors rally at Reno tourney

Mar 30, 2004 1:38 AM

Carol, I know that you want me to invite all the folks to come out this year when you host the Jr./Sr. World Championship of Poker on May 25-27 at The Orleans in Las Vegas.

Last year we had 246 players and you met your goals. It was wonderful we had a lot of players and could award $100,000 to the winner. Not millions but still a lot of money!

Before I tell the folks all about your next charity poker tournament, let me tell the nice people about the good time we had with all "The Seniors" WCOP players up at Reno, The Biggest Little City in The World.

This was the fourth year in a row that we have driven up to the Reno Hilton to host "The Seniors" No Limit Hold’em Charity poker tournament.

Our thanks go out to all the wonderful dealers, staff, owners and managers of the Reno Hilton who with the help of their card room manager, Charles Williams, made this year’s tournament such a pleasure to host and such a great success.

Of course we want to thank the 128 senior poker players who came from all over the world to play some no limit hold em poker with us on Sunday, March 21.

I know of course that it was all in good fun when Mr. Williams let it be known that he had put a bounty of $100 on you.

Any of "The Seniors" WCOP players who was able to bust you out of the tournament and take all of your chips would receive your bounty of $100.

I created a poker players account of $100 on our The web site that gives 10 percent of all the poker drop to "The Seniors" Charities. I know that you are the president of "The Seniors" Charities and that you will agree with me and give this account to the player who got the last of my chips and busted me out of the tournament.

This account was given to Buffalo Joe Baldwin of Palo Alto, California. Buffalo Joe re-taught me a lesson that I had forgot: "You should never go roller-skating in a Buffalo herd."

I sent my troops into his herd and that was the end of me. I will not soon forget that when he bet $4,500 that I called and raised him $10,600 making a nice pot of over $50,000 all in.

Joe held the two ladies (queens) and all I had was the grandma and grandpa of hold em poker ( the AhKh.)

I do remember that I know that I should not play poker with a player named Doc! Or with a poker player named Lucky. But Joe did not know that he should not play with a player that has a state named after him (Oklahoma Johnny Hale).

I will now try to remember to stay out of Joe’s Buffalo herd.

Oh yes, as usual I finished just three out of the money.

In the World Poker Challenge tournament (March 18 through April 1)

Here are the winners in the "The Seniors" WCOP event (128 players put up $200 + 20 to play No Limit Hold’em poker until one of them had all the chips).


1. Park "Master" Castillo, Reno NV


2. Allen Nelson, Salt Lake City UT


3. Mikie Majerus, Ottawa IL


4. Gene Nelson, Canby OR


5. Buffalo Joe Baldwin, Palo Alto CA


6. Doug Koepke, Fallon NV


7. Chris Bowen, Sparks NV


8. Tony Nguyen, Merced CA


9. Jim Monaco, Laughlin NV


10. Dave Fancher


11. Jake Warren


12. Joe Riviero


13. Larry Lonstein


14. Darcy Christiansen


15. Charlie Brahmi


16. Mike McKinerney


17. Steve Norris


18. Chuck Leonard


Honey, it was wonderful that 115 of these senior poker players who came to play in this poker happening each contributed $50 to "The Seniors" Charities. This created a charity cash pool of $5,750.

Each year when we are holding this charity event at the Reno Hilton we request that the hotel select a local charity to receive one half of all the charity funds that are contributed by the loyal senior players who come to the events that we host.

This year once again the Reno Hilton chose a charity that I know is close to your heart, Carol, when they selected The Senior Companions of Reno to receive $2,375. This is a very deserving local charity that does so much good work for a lot of seniors in need in Reno.  

The remaining 50% of the charity funds were returned to Las Vegas to help with the charity needs of Las Vegas, where your board of directors has selected the Sign Design Theater, a Las Vegas charity which serves children that have a problem with hearing.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

  You cannot win all the pots you play in and if you try to win too many pots you will have trouble going home with money.

So, as it is in war, pick the hill you want to win.

A good general knows that if he fights for each little hill that he will lose a lot of troops trying to take or hold onto hills that are not very important to winning the battle and the war.

You should play poker like a good general (your chips are your army and they are not expendable).

A good general will pick a high hill to defend. You should pick a good hand to defend your chips (troops) with.

  If you do this you will have chips (troops) to play with in tomorrow’s poker battle.

Until next time remember to stay lucky.