ACC to rule NCAAs with Duke, Ga Tech

Mar 30, 2004 7:54 AM

This is a no-brainer for me as the ACC super conference has two of its teams (Duke and Georgia Tech) in the Final Four. It’s just too bad the UConn-Duke clash isn’t for the championship. The semifinal winner goes on to win Monday night’s final.

San Antonio, TX

Saturday, April 3

NCAA Final Four

Ga Tech (+5) vs Oklahoma St. Just love the way GT put away a tough Kansas team that hit a Hail Mary three to put game into overtime. They could have put their heads between their legs but didn’t. Could this be Game 3 between GT and Duke or a rematch between GT and UConn? GT destroyed U Conn earlier in the season on a neutral site 77-61. GA TECH.

Duke (+2) over U Conn. No one playing better then the Huskies but prefer to take the hoop with a hardened Blue Devils team that was taken to the limit by a sky high Xavier bunch. DUKE.

NIT Final Four

Tuesday, March 30

New York, NY

Rutgers (+2) vs Iowa St. Just love the Scarlet Knights out of the Big East and playing at Madison Square Garden, just a stone’s throw from their New Brunswick, NJ campus. Coach Waters has done a great job transforming a program that was in disarray into back-to-back NIT berths and now the Final Four. Look for big effort as the Scarlet Knights believe. RUTGERS.

Michigan (—1½) over Oregon. Tommy Amaker has his young Wolverines playing their best ball of the year. Michigan is on a mission after last season’s ban. MICHIGAN.

Yes Liz, why Japan?

With baseball opening this week, I just had to pass this along from a letter received from Liz Lamatrice.

"Please explain to me why America’s favorite pastime opens up in Japan? If it does have to open in Japan, why not at an hour that is convenient to the American fan? Opening game will be at 2 am on the West Coast and 5 am in New York and Tampa Bay."

I have no answer other than being in total agreement with Liz.

You’ve got to love the Cubbies and Angels coming out of the Cactus League, two good lineups, two good pitching staffs, two good bullpens, two good managers and two sets of great fans.

Looking for a nice long shot? How about the Kansas City Royals. They have a nice lineup with Beltran, Berroa, Sweeney, Randa and a pitching staff with a lot of potential. They play in the weakest division in the AL and could be this year’s Marlins!

No matter who wins the World Series my money is on Guisseppe, the Italian Sausage, to win the Sausage race in Milwaukee, even with the dent in his head.

Best closing act

I need to take a minute before I get into the Final Four to congratulate Rance Brown for closing another Race and Sports book. We saw the Plaza downtown go the way of the rest of the places Rance has run. Rance holds the record for closings.

People in Nashville are hoping he doesn’t come back there or it may be the downfall of the Grand Ole Opry.