Zim deserveswin over Boss

Mar 30, 2004 8:14 AM

With the focus on Hideki Matsui and his return to Japan for the Yanks-D’Rays opening game of the baseball season, we dare to be different. Joe Torre’s right hand man is not next to him in the NY dugout. He’s with ex-Yanks skipper Lou Piniella and Tampa Bay. Remember Zimmer being flung across the diamond like a rag doll in a scrape with the Red Sox and Pedro Martinez last year!

We do, and it would be nice to see Zip get some payback after Steinbrenner finally made life too tough to take sitting beside his great and longtime friend Torre.

We heard on the Stardust radio show that Vegas can’t use the terms Super Bowl or NCAA Final Four. Well, we can and will. And, we will continue to talk about the spreads, Taglia-boo!

Next week in GT: A Masters crossword puzzle. No, one of the questions isn’t whether Phil Mickelson will ever win a major.