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Fans bid adieu to S&R’s marquee

Apr 6, 2004 3:17 AM

The tears flowed as I watched the Siegfried & Roy image come down from the Mirage marquee. It certainly finalized an era. Siegfried & Roy have been so kind to me despite the dirty looks I received from their manager, Bernie Yuman, every time I was around them. I always got the sense he questioned my being and why would such a madman be welcomed by his clients.

But I was and I will be forever grateful and honored to have met them. They should never be forgotten and I hope I can play a role in making sure all of us remember them. I’m hoping that someday that a rumored Siegfried & Roy museum will become reality. It would be a fitting tribute to them as great entertainers and people.

Psychic Dayle Schear at the Westin is the real thing. She was telling me things nobody knows and I’d prefer to keep it that way. She’s a winner and should find a home here after filling in for David Brenner while he’s on vacation.

If you have a chance, catch Dayle’s show at the Westin, where she’s playing through Thursday. Everyone deserves a little clairvoyance every now and then.

Producers Lynne and Dick Foster were the latest to be honored by Call Back newspaper with a reception at Little Buddha Restaurant at the Palms. It was a packed house, probably more than the restaurant expected or wanted. The food was free; the "sponsored" beer and wine were free, but the liquor cost you. It will also cost the restaurant some PR.

Frank Marino is having all his costumes cleaned so he can welcome Joan Rivers back to Las Vegas for a June 23-26 "talker" at the Stardust. Marino has also landed a role ”” as himself ”” in the Sandra Bullock film sequel, "Miss Congeniality 2" that begins filming next week at the Venetian. Members of his "La Cage" family will have cameos in the film, though I’m heartbroken since nobody has approached me for a special guest appearance.

Speaking of me, my streak as Las Vegas’ most colorful character in the Review Journal’s Reader’s Poll has come to an end after two years. I would demand a recount, but Mayor Oscar Goodman took top honors this year and I figure taking him on wouldn’t be a good thing. Especially since his claws are being sharpened for another political battle.

All was not lost as I was bestowed with the Best Dressed honors for which I have to share with my late designer Lenny Barton and to all of those whom I beg, borrow and steal clothes from.

The target date of April 30 for the Venetian brass to regain control of C2K has the rumor mill spinning faster on what’s upcoming at the hotel. Now, Blue Man Group has joined the fray as a possibility into a revamped C2K and "Phantom of the Opera continues to be the leading candidate in the former Guggenheim space. The bottom line, I’m hearing, is who is going to pick up the construction tabs?

While his former partner Mary Allen and his wife, Karon Blackwell, continue to perform on the high seas, Steve Rossi adds the Lady Luck to the list of local hotels he has played since the pair broke up. Rossi began a three-month engagement downtown this week.

For an eclectic musical evening check out Neon Knights every Tuesday and Wednesday at Boulder Station with Marcel Forestieri hosting the festivities as "Jay Leno."