Derby excitement won’t be Castledale

Apr 6, 2004 5:19 AM

What a tournament is all I can say! One of the best in my recent memory.

Now it’s baseball and the upcoming Triple Crown.

Getting to baseball first, I just wanted to remind you about betting the +1½ runs plus money. It was a winner once again last year, especially in the early going. The first three games went 2-1, so it looks like we could be sitting on another good year if this start is any indication of things to come.

The excitement is starting with less then a month away from the Kentucky Derby. This past week they ran several prep races including the Santa Anita Derby, which was won by the big long shot Castledale who just happens to be trained by Jeff Mullins the trainer of last year’s winner Buddy Gil.

I don’t think that you will have to worry much about any of these winning this year’s addition of the KD, but the horse that ran second and got DQ (Rock Hard Ten) will be a force in the 3-year-old division down the line. Here at GT we have been all over the future bets for months and are sitting on some very nice tickets, including some on Master David who will be running in this week’s Wood Memorial at Belmont Park.

If MD puts in a big race I believe he will move to the head of his class and the one to fear most in the Derby. Speaking about Derby Futures, a friend of mine named Paul got in contact with me a few weeks ago and wanted to put 10 bucks on a nag to win the Derby and wanted to know his odds.

I told him the horse was 400-1 but it didn’t matter because he wasn’t going to run anyway and to save his money. Well he wanted the bet anyhow so he now holds a ticket on a horse that won’t run and could just as well be 400,000-1. Horse players, what a breed!

It reminded me of the horse story about the two guys at the Seabiscuit movie. A race was going to be run and the one guy says to the other, I bet you 10 bucks that the #5 wins this race. The other guy says ok and they make the bet. Well they run the race and the #5 loses by a head. The guy pays the $10 and says, you know I can’t understand it, I saw this movie last week. The other guy says, why did you make the bet if you already saw the movie. He says, I thought the horse would be ready today.

Horse contests are once again at full strength, with contest at Stations, Excaliber, Circus Circus and Coast properties. Plus there are a lot of places offering free handicapping info. Stations is giving out the Jerry J’s Power Page. Coast gives out The Lindo Report for Santa Anita.

The Stardust is giving out a very nice sheet called Thoroughbred Ratings Information. This sheet has a ton of info and is really not a selection sheet but an excellent tool to include in your handicapping. If you are a serious player or just a novice, this is a very good piece of information. These ratings come out every day for all tracks.

John Avello who runs the books at Paris and Ballys also has free betting info for his race patrons and his "huge" Moolah horse contest is just two weeks away. This contest is a two day event set April 16-17. If you got an extra $5,000 on hand this is your contest. You can have a partner and split that $200,000 in prize money. The money is based on a maximum of 40 entries. The winner will also qualify for a spot in the big NTRA contest. The contest is a $2 WP on 15 races each day (6 mandatory). Also picking the winner of your race earns an additional $5 to your total.

For more info just call 800-468-8946 or visit their web site at

If anybody has an extra five just let me know, I think I am free that weekend!

Don’t forget, Master David in the Wood!