Poker needs ref’s to enforce rules

Apr 13, 2004 1:17 AM

Carol, this is going to be a very long column so I am going to break it up into two segments.

I know that we must have rules, regulations and laws to live by and to play football, basketball, baseball, poker and all the activities of life.

We need referees to enforce rules, regulations, laws and procedures.

Just a few weeks ago The Seniors World Championship of Poker made an agreement with The Silver Eagle ”” Robert (Bob) Thompson ”” to become the first Steward of Poker.

Bob has accepted the position and will be on duty at The Seniors XII (WCOP) annual tournament in October at the Grand in Tunica Mississippi.

The Seniors WCOP annual tournament is a different kind of poker tournament and Bob will help us with decorum, expertise and fairness.

Honey, I know that I am a maverick and have trouble conforming to a lot of rules and regulations. In a larger sense, I know that that is what makes poker players unique. A lot of us will play on the roof in the rain or in a crooked game and resist with passion any and all controls that anyone wants to place upon us.

I do not wish to change this independence and individuality of the poker player because that is a vital and integral part of the essence of poker.

The PPA (Poker Players Association) was one of the first organizations created by the poker players to improve the game of poker and the playing of poker tournaments. I was one of the founders of this group some 25 odd years ago and one of the original directors.

The PPA was the culmination of a beautiful dream. It was designed to be a membership of poker players, and would create and disseminate all the rules of tournament poker.

Bob Ciaffone, a very good friend of mine and a true gentleman of the game of poker, was commissioned to write a rule book for the PPA.

I am happy to tell you that Bob did a magnificent job and created a rule book that for the most part led to many of the rules that are in place today.

Our thanks go out to Bob for all of his wonderful books on poker the rules of and the playing of poker.

Unfortunately the casinos did not like the PPA and considered it a union of poker players and would not cooperate with the PPA in the standardization of tournament rules of poker.

However, I would like to give credit to one casino owner who gave his full support to the PPA. It was Bob Stupak of the old Vegas World (now the Stratosphere Tower.) Bob Stupak honored the PPA and used all of its rules in his America Cup World Championship of Poker tournament.

Folks it’s just another case of those that have the gold make the rules, and the casinos had and continue to have the gold, therefore they will always be in charge of all the rules.

Still, without the cooperation of the casino there will never be standardization of poker rules.

Carol put away your netting needles until next week when I will return with part two of this discourse on poker.

Oklahoma Johnny’s Poker Tip of the Week

I am reminded today that poker is not an exact science. It is a combination of time, patience, skill, and that all important thing called luck.

Bad cards played well and luck will get the money.

Good cards played badly and bad luck will lose the money.

Bad cards played badly and bad luck will get you broke.

  Finally, good cards played with luck will always get the money and you can take the money home and count it there.

  Until next time remember to stay lucky!