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Try a 7-spot way

Apr 13, 2004 2:01 AM

We have looked at a couple of way tickets based on seven spots in past columns. This week, we’ll look at two more, 2-2-2-1 and 3-2-1-1. Both tickets have 15 total ways on them, and both have four groups.



1 way 7,

1 way 6

1 way 7,

2 way 6

3 way 5,

3 way 4

2 way 5,

3 way 4

3 way 3,

3 way 2

3 way 3,

2 way 2

1 way 1

2 way 1

Both of these tickets are quite playable, but the one on the left is very popular, perhaps due to its symmetry. Let’s mark a left hand ticket using the Bottom Strategy outlined here last month. Mark the seven, the six, and the fives for 50 cents a way, the fours and the threes for a buck, and the twos and the one for two bucks. This will give us a $16.50 ticket that satisfies all the requirements, and gives us all the benefits of a Bottom Strategy ticket. (Which are, you remember, high frequency of wins and maximum dollar return.)

The ticket on the right at first inspection appears to be very different from the one on the left. If you look a little more closely, though, you will see that the only difference is that one of the five spots on the left has become a six spot, while one of the deuces has become a one spot! Using the Bottom Strategy to mark this ticket gives us a seven, two sixes and two fives for 50 cents, three fours and three threes for a dollar, and two deuces and two ones for two dollars. This is another $16.50 ticket, the same price as the one on the left. This ticket has not been nearly as popular as the one on the left, and here the popular conception has a rational basis. Since there is a wider difference in the size of groups on this ticket, it is harder to hit solid on this one than on the left ticket. If Keno Lil had her choice, she would almost always play the ticket on the left.

Another seven spot way ticket worth noting is the ticket made by grouping 4-2-1. This gives you a one way seven, one way six, one way five, one way four, one way three, one way two, and a one way one! There’s one of everything, from the seven down to the one spot! Playing the seven, the six and the five for 50 cents, the four, the three and the two for a dollar, and the one for two dollars gives you a Bottom Strategy ticket that costs only $6.50! Anytime you hit the one spot, you get at least six dollars guaranteed, so pick a hot number for your king (one spot)!

Well, that’s it for this week, good luck, I’ll see you in line!