Google ends Internet gaming ads

Apr 13, 2004 4:50 AM

More bad news for the Internet online gaming companies that rely on popular search engines Google Inc. and Yahoo! Inc. to advertise their products. Both companies announced last week that they were shutting down the illegal gaming ads.

Also affected by the ban is Microsoft Corp.’s MSN site, whose search engine depends on a Yahoo subsidiary, Overture Services, for its online casino ads.

The companies explained that they were reacting to pressure being applied by the federal government that has maintained that offshore Internet gambling is illegal. In recent weeks, federal authorities have increased pressure on the media to stop "aiding and abetting" offshore Internet casinos that accept illegal bets from the United States.

The moves drew immediate criticism from those who disagree with the government’s approach to offshore gambling. They charged that the ban compromises the media’s right to distribute information.

Also being pressured are broadcast companies such as Clear Channel Communications and Infinity Broadcasting, both of which have discontinued accepting advertising from online casinos.