Players share their winning systems

Apr 13, 2004 5:05 AM

Video keno players, as a group, might properly be compared to the Silent Majority in this country — there are plenty of us, even though we don’t make a lot of noise and our exploits go somewhat unnoticed.

And, although we aren’t openly courted and cultivated like the more visible video poker crowd, we are nonetheless dedicated and enthusiastic in our pursuit of jackpots.

I can say this with assurance, at least in part, because of the frequent mail I receive from keno-playing readers.

The best correspondence — and the most rewarding — comes from players who are willing to share their winning experiences. In the hope that we can all learn — and possibly profit — from their experiences, I would like to share some of them this week.

For instance, Kiwini "Steven" Leong of Las Vegas, who describes himself as an avid video keno player, reports winning some nice jackpots while playing 7-spot and 9-spot games on Four Card Keno machines at the Silverton casino.

Steven writes that he tried using the suggestions I wrote about in the January and February issues of GamingToday, which "seemed to work well" enough to produce a couple of significant jackpots.

Specifically, Steven was using the "overlapping numbers" strategy that calls for marking up to four 7-spot cards or 9-spot cards that share several key numbers.

Steven was gracious enough to send along diagrams (see chart) of his winning selections, as well as copies of his W-2s, which reveal a $1,404.20 jackpot for hitting 7-out-of-7 on a nickel Game King machine; and $2,080.40 for catching a solid 9-spot plus a 6-out-of-7 jackpot, also on a nickel denomination Game King.

Note in the chart that Steven has marked a 7-spot and 9-spot, which are both flip-flopped on the adjacent column, in which the single spots are located.

Dolores Marley of Santa Fe, New Mexico writes that she has hit "quite a few $1,750 jackpots on solid 7-spots and a fair amount of 8-out-of-9 jackpots ”¦ and a solid 9-spot for $2,500" while using my Cluster Keno strategy of "erasing after every game" and then re-marking the same numbers.

In hitting the solid 9-spot, Dolores explained, the result came "on the fourth try" after simply re-marking her numbers.

Dolores alluded to a strategy I have advocated for years, that is, "re-setting" the machine frequently, usually after no more than three games of the same numbers.

I’ve found that this often gets the machine into the proper cycle that is, hopefully, conducive to winning.

Finally, Bill McKay of Henderson, who is obviously an experienced and knowledgeable video keno player, sent along some detailed information on how video keno machines are programmed to work, as well as accounts of some of his recent success in hitting jackpots while playing Multi-Card Keno (also known as 20-card keno).

"I have been following the articles written by this lady for a number of months and I have found that a number of her observations are very informative," McKay writes. "She has some very productive play strategies.

"In the past four months, my wife and I have hit 41 solid 6-spots, 29 7-out-of-8 spots, nine solid 8-spots, and in the past 30 days since reading her article on the 8-way, cross-over 7-spots, I tweaked the idea a bit and we have hit 18 solid 7-spots (four in one night at the same casino on penny machines for a net of over $1,330 from a $40 investment), as well as three more solid 8-spots."

All I can say is congratulations, Bill, and wow! I hope the rest of the readers can be at least half as fortunate as you and your wife have been!