Majors wins:Phil them up

Apr 13, 2004 6:00 AM

The best golfer never to have won a major. The curse has now passed over the home of Mickelson forever.

”˜Ol Phil has cast aside the demons following an incredible ending to the Masters. It was the best golf tournament we’ve seen in a long time that didn’t involve Tiger Woods. Mickelson went off a 6-1, the second favorite behind El Tigre. Too bad our choice, Ernie Els, (9-1) narrowly missed. But, it was great theater.

...In one year, the Detroit Tigers went from the last team to win a game to the last one to lose. At 5-1 through the first week, it’s already clear that Motown will not see 119 losses this season. The "over" 65 wins futures bet is looking good.

...Dear, Wladimir. You need to retire from boxing immediately ”” unless Don King will book 2-rounders. Talk about punch-drunk. And, that chin! To say it’s glass is kind. More like Silly Putty.