Keep your winnings!

Apr 20, 2004 3:39 AM

The truth is, at least 95% of all players everywhere don’t play well enough to win. My Play Strategy aside, I just can’t understand why a player would play 9/6/4 Double Bonus Poker when the same casino has 9/7/5.

More important, how can anyone can feed money into the machines without solidly knowing what they’re doing, what they’re going to do, and when. The next time you visit a casino, look around. There’s always an abundance of players filling the seats of low-paying machines even when right next to them there’s open seating at the full-pay variety of their game of choice! Doesn’t make much sense? Then again, how many video poker players actually make sense when they become mesmerized by casinos.

Naturally the first thing on the mind of a player as he or she plans a casino visit is the satisfying feeling that they will win money. No, it’s really not all that tough at this point, because all you feel you have to do is hit a couple of four-of-a-kinds. After all, you know you’ll be dealt trips at least several times, and that warm glow you always get when they appear is running through you right now, is it not?

You only need hold them and hit the draw button! All those disappointing draws in the past seem so vague and so long ago, so you just know that type thing won’t happen to you again. And the royals will come in due time. On your last visit you witnessed, with envy, as three people were being paid for that jackpot. So it does happen ”” even to you way back when! Hope reigns supreme, you’ve got a fresh wad of cash on hand, and there’s no way you’re gonna lose this time around. Time to have at it!

But wait. Is there anything about the casino experience that you’re cheating yourself out of because of the blinding charge you’re making towards all that money? Perhaps you’ve forgotten about the slot club card benefits that await at the end of your play. Maybe you’ve lost sight of the fact that you’re also going to have some nice dinners with family and friends at several of the fabulous restaurants that most casinos are known for. And what about the fun? Are you forgetting that you intended to have a great time while enjoying all the amenities on your trip, or do you suddenly remember how losing always lets the hammer down in your quest for enjoyment? Yes, that losing usually causes a pit to form in your stomach, which in turn might have ruined a number of trips ”” but it really never had to if you truly knew what you were doing from the start.

So how do you stop from having the blues when leaving a casino? Win! So what about the other 95% who don’t win? Have you ever heard of being prepared before entering the casino? Some people who have this problem play with money that wasn’t meant to be lost. If you cannot live without it comfortably, the money should never have been taken with you. Or in the case of so many more gamblers, they should have left their ATM cards at home.

Just think about it for a moment. You brought $900 that you could live without ”” and you lost it all. Your attention then turns towards enjoying everything else you do on your trip. But if you can access another $500 or more a day, with the expectation that chasing this loser will eventually turn in your favor, most of the time all you’ve done is dig yourself a bigger hole to get out of when you get home. While you deal with your troubles, the casino is not only all smiles ”” it’s already preparing to get you to come back in ASAP to do it all over again ”” and this time with more amenities! Thank you, slot club card. You sure helped me get the most out of my play!