'Gold Rush' set for the Atlantic City Hilton

Apr 16, 2008 8:07 PM

by David Stratton | The Atlantic City Hilton raised some eyebrows yesterday when it announced it would host a "sell your gold for cash" event in its grand ballroom next week.

The event – in which customers will be able to trade in their rings, watches, jewelry and coins for cash – is being conducted by Get Cash Gold Inc., a Maryland company that buys precious metals and jewelry. It’s scheduled for April 25-27.

While the notion sounds mercenary and somewhat exploitive, Hilton officials denied charges they are functioning as a large pawn shop, with customers cashing out in the ballroom before heading to the casino.

Instead, they said they’re "accommodating" its customers by allowing them to sell their gold while prices are at record levels. And if the casino benefits by an influx of cash-rich players, so much the better.

"We think our customers will enjoy having more ammunition to play with in the casino," Phil Juliano, Hilton’s senior vice president of marketing, told the Press of Atlantic City.

It will be interesting to see how the "gold for cash" event turns out next week.

If successful, perhaps the Hilton can host other events that can provide ammo for customers.

Perhaps a blood bank could set up a tent near the pool area, where donors could trade a few pints for a rack of casino chips.

There’s no doubt a sperm bank would be well-received, but it’s unclear where it would set up its facilities.