Baseball has become lost in translation

Apr 20, 2004 7:03 AM

With baseball in full swing, I happened to be listening to a game on the radio the other day and got overwhelmed with a feeling of sadness. It was like Don McLean’s song about legendary rock ’n roll "The Day The Music Died."

Well, after being tormented for two innings I just couldn’t take any more. I mean these aren’t team-hired announcers, but corporate-hired know it all bums. Where did all the Harry Caray’s and Bob Princes go?

Growing up with my trusty transistor radio in hand, I had the privilege of listening to some of the greats and let me tell you it was just that, a privilege! I just love some of the old sayings like bug on the run, bloop and a blast, Texas Leaguer, Baltimore chop and one of my favorite’s "can of corn."

What does that mean and where did it come from? If any one of you old timers out there can’t tell us about can of corn please take time and drop us a line or e-mail, we would appreciate it greatly. But the bottom line is that it’s just such a shame that we are saying goodbye to what really was America’s game.

Bye bye, Miss American Pie, drove my Chevy to the levy and the levy was dry!

I was also thinking since baseball decided to export opening day to Japan, what about other possibilities? The U.S. Open to Scotland, the birthplace of golf. The Indianapolis 500 to Germany, home of fine precision car makers. Daytona 500 goes to Honolulu, from beach to beach. Just another day in the sand and they could switch from beer to one of those umbrella drinks.

How about the Hoops brigade opening up in Europe where so many of the players come from nowadays. Here is a good one, the Boston Marathon to the legendary home of the marathon ”” Greece. They could take the Yanks and Red Sox with them and play a baseball game while they are at it. How about the WWF Smackdown going to Japan, home of the Sumo wrestlers!

If you have any more suggestions please send them in, I would love to get them out to our readers.

Try NBA zig-zag

Those of you who like to bet the NBA, I know there aren’t many people who want to watch it but some of us do have to make a bet. If we’re stuck and need another team for a four or five team parlay, you may want to use the old reliable zig-zag method.

All you do is bet the straight up loser to cover the spread in the next matchup. Here are some games to take a look at:

Tuesday, April 20

Knicks +7½, Celtics +11, Mavericks +5

Wednesday April 21

Bucks +10½, Hornets +5, Nuggets +10½

We will keep an eye on this and see how it is going.

Horsin’ around

Just a little about horses with the Kentucky Derby a little over a week away. Expect to see Pat Valenzuela back next Saturday at Hollywood Park. Also, Jerry Bailey has decided to ride Wimbledon in the Derby so you should upgrade his chances.

More on the KD in next week’s Derby issue.