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Danny Gans speaks highly of self!

Apr 26, 2004 11:55 PM

The press release announcing Danny Gans split with his long-time manager Chip Lightman was written by the Mirage star and highlighted all of his accomplishments ”” which aren’t that many ”” and included stating that Gans was "content being the No. 1 show on the Strip." I guess I would be, too, IF, in fact, I was the No. 1 show. But Gans isn’t. Celine Dion and "O" out draw him by a landslide. And, since he only does five shows a week, I’d be willing to take bets that the future Cirque shows will do the same.

Gans does SRO business and usually has a cancellation line. He has a seven- or eight-year contract with the Mirage, but I hear there is an out clause after five years, which is March 2005. It’s only a coincidence, but that makes a possible move to Wynn Las Vegas feasible. And, don’t be shocked to see Siegfried & Roy’s veteran manager Bernie Yuman becoming associated with Gans down the line.

Lightman will continue to prosper. He was the brain thrust behind Gans, is producing Gladys Knight and has had ongoing meetings with several other hotels.

As we’ve been saying for weeks, "Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance: and "V ”” The Ultimate Variety Show," will shutter at the Venetian on Friday. The hotel will save money for awhile after that as the room will be dark awaiting a decision from Sheldon Adelson for its future use. If he decides to book temporary acts, it’ll require some renovation. Meanwhile, the big, empty, old Guggenheim space is still a possibility for "Phantom of the Opera," once they can figure you who will pay the construction costs of the space. Wouldn’t it be great to have a real Broadway theater in town!

John Stuart has his hand in another show”¦ this time it’s a Motown and R&B tribute show called "Celebrity Images" and it’s headed for the Lady Luck on May 15.

The Amazing Jonathan officially opens at the Riviera on Friday with his gala media night slated May 17. Of course, I will be there to hear his latest lambasting of his friends and enemies.

The 36th annual Academy of Magical Arts Show & Banquet in Hollywood will be called "For Roy, With Love," dedicated to Roy Horn. The annual gala will be held at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theater and will include an appearance by Siegfried.

Speaking of Siegfried & Roy, their animated NBC series, "Father of the Pride," will be airing on Tuesday night at 8 o’clock opposite American Idol.

Cirque du Soleil not only agreed to pay $600,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by an HIV-positive gymnast, but a company spokesperson said "the company regretted the firing and blamed the decision on ignorance." The Associated Press story out of San Francisco said that Matthew Cusick, 32, voluntarily disclosed his health status and spent four months training with Cirque. He was fired just days before he was to perform in Las Vegas. Cusick was offered reinstatement, but refused, saying he could not return to "a company that stood so strongly against me."

The Greek Isles will be the new home of "The World’s Greatest Magic Show" effective May 22, after ending its current run at the Sahara Hotel on May 20.

Simon & Garfunkel will be celebrating the Fourth of July in Las Vegas with a July 3 date at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Celebrity hackers take to the Caesars-owned Cascata golf course in Boulder City on May 2 for the Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Weekend to benefit the Los Angeles-based Motion Picture and Television Fund. Gallery tickets are available through Ticketmaster to see such stars as Clint Eastwood, Andy Garcia, Martin Sheen, Joe Pesci, Matthew McConaughey and Douglas, among many others.

Penn & Teller are celebrating their 30th anniversary of performing together after a mutual friend introduced them. Teller was teaching Latin and Penn had just graduated from clown college. Besides their six-night-a-week Rio Hotel performances, Penn has written a novel and Teller recently wrote a memoir about his parents.

"The Best Damn Sports Show," which airs on Fox Sports Net and I know nothing about, originates from poolside at the Palms this week. Taping times are 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. and the public is invited for free.

I can’t wait for June 15”¦that’s the date Sony will release a live CD of Celine’s Las Vegas show. My heart will be fulfilled.