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La Femme to ‘freshen up’ a bit

Apr 27, 2004 12:06 AM

La Femme, the French cultural phenomenon that has been turning heads for three successful years at MGM Grand with nearly 1,700 performances, will re-introduce the show with seven new numbers in May.

La Femme (pronounced "La Fahm") is an exact replica of the acclaimed show Crazy Horse in Paris, famous for its productions celebrating beautiful women and the art of the nude since 1951. All 12 of La FemmeÂ&supl;s dancers, members of the original Crazy Horse dance troupe, are expertly trained in ballet. La Femme dancers elegantly balance sensuous choreography with skin bathed in a kaleidoscope of colors and textured designs.

La Femme uses a combination of light effects, film, and projections to create dramatic effects on a moving canvas of skin: some subtle, some humorous and all sensual. With each performance uniquely independent from the next, the show ranges from solo lip-synched dance numbers to group cabaret performances, where the colors and images are so engaging itÂ&supl;s hard to determine where skin ends and color reflections begin.

For more than 50 years, the world-famous Crazy Horse has been unsurpassed as a radical innovation that exalts the female form as both artistic expression and entertainment, drawing international celebrities from film, music, television, theater, sports and politics. More than five million people have watched the Crazy Horse show in its beautifully appointed theatre on the Avenue George V. Founded by Alain Bernardin, the show has evolved through the management of BernardinÂ&supl;s three children, Sophie, Didier and Pascal.