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Psychic returns to Westin

Apr 27, 2004 12:08 AM

Back by popular demand, psychic Dayle Schear returns to the David Brenner Theater at the Westin Casuarina Las Vegas, now through Sunday.

This special "Crossing Over" presentation allows audience members to interact with Dayle’s gift as she connects with their past, present and future and crosses over with uncanny accuracy. The evening is a personal, emotional, yet entertaining experience, relying primarily on audience participation.

She focuses her abilities to "read" audience members, utilizing a gift for psychometry ”” the art of holding onto personal items. Schear likes people to bring personal objects such as photos of loved ones, watches, or other jewelry that are closely associated with the person they want to find out about or themselves.

"The people who come to my show want to know if their lives are about to change or what path their career or business might be taking," Schear said. "There also might be some unfinished business or a message from a relative or loved one who has passed over. If I can inspire just one person, then it makes it all worth it."

She is credited with solving numerous cases including finding lost possessions, locating missing persons, and murders.

Dayle has appeared on Hard Copy, Extra, Sally Jessy Rafael, and CBS Hour Magazine.