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Tournaments in full swing!

Apr 27, 2004 12:49 AM

Carol, I know you are working really hard to get everything just right for the Jr/Sr World Championship of Poker, which is sponsored and approved for the annual "The Seniors" Charities event at The Orleans Hotel on May 25-27.

It will be just great ”” you had 246 players last year ”” met all your goals and awarded the winner $100,000.

I don’t like going away without you but I will be going down to the home of "The Seniors" World Championship of Poker at the Grand Hotel in Tunica, Mississippi to do what I can to help out with The River Poker Tour on the big muddy.

When the folks are reading this, I will be flying back to Las Vegas and I am sure that I will be telling you and the folks all about the wonderful poker happening that we had on Sunday when a few of us got together and had a little poker game.

I was invited by our friend Dale Carden, the card room manager of the Grand to come down and see if the old man could play with the young guru of poker, Chris Moneymaker.

Honey, you know that I will have to play my "A" game to be able to beat the young whippersnapper. But me and a few others are going to give it the old college try.

Dale told me the game would be for charity, so I hope to win a little money for The Seniors Charities.

Dale also said that it would be no limit Texas hold’em and I have played that game a few times before. I will try my best to teach the youngster a little bit about poker and the playing of it.

But you know I never brag and I best wait until I win before I crow too much or I may have to eat some of it.

I know that Chris did not win all that money just by being lucky.

Daddy told me not to play with a man named Lucky or anyone called Doc, but he forgot to tell me what to do with a man with money as a part of his name.

I wonder if Chris’s dad ever told him not to play poker with a player with a state named after him?

I will just introduce myself as OK-J and not even mention that some folks when I play poker sometimes call me Oklahoma Johnny.

"Oklahoma Johnny" Poker Tip of the Week

When you play poker it is always best to pick a seat that is lucky. Seat selection is very important. Good poker cards just seem to know where the lucky seat is.

Now, over the years of playing I have learned how to pick a lucky seat!

Sometimes it seems that there is a lucky end of the table and all the money is piled up on one end of the table.

The first of you folks that e-mail me at [email protected],com and correctly tell me how you think that I always know where the lucky seat is located will receive a free copy of my book "The Gentleman Gambler."

Tune in next week and I will tell you how to pick that lucky seat.