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‘Glitch’ results in airing
of bogus show

Apr 27, 2004 8:49 AM

A strange thing happened on sports talk radio this past weekend. It seems that KBAD radio, which is also known as ESPN 920, somehow ran a taped show that must have been at least five or six weeks old.

How could listeners tell the show was outdated? The so-called handicappers were enthusiastically discussing the NIT and March Madness basketball tournaments ”” all in the present tense.

Not only were the touts hyping how they would provide the winners of games that were played more than a month ago, they went on unceremoniously about how Las Vegas casinos and sports books never allow players to win, that the lines are too tight, and so on and so forth.

The radio show was hosted by a group called the National Sports Consultants, which is among several businesses (including Player’s Edge and Nationwide Sports) that were named in indictments by federal authorities earlier this year.

Specifically, the feds busted 14 men in Florida and charged them in connection with their sports handicapping businesses and related services.

The authorities allege that the businesses lured clients through radio shows such as the one on KBAD that claimed to have "inside information" that would lead to big winning wagers.

Station program director John Hanson said the airing of the show was the result of a computer glitch.

"These shows are on tape and someone just made a mistake," Hanson said. "We don’t think anyone could have been affected adversely by the broadcast."

Indeed, it’s not likely a sports bettor would have been taken in by the "scamdicappers." Their 800 phone number, which is released during the show, was no longer in service.

Hanson added that it’s hard to believe that the group could actually defraud Las Vegas sports bettors, who are a pretty savvy group.

"It’s almost funny how ridiculous their claims of picking winners were," Hanson said. "You’d think any rational thinking player would see through their outlandish hype."