Outpour for Smarty

May 4, 2004 1:57 AM

The torrential downpour came to the Kentucky Derby and then along came Jones.

Smarty Jones, that is. He was not slow walking but just skimming over that slop and mud and the rest were left in his undefeated wake.

If I had to get beat, it just didn’t feel as bad with these connections beating me. It was one for the little guy. Now I have to go out and get me a Smarty Jones hat for the Preakness and get ready for the rematch between Jones and Lion Heart, who also put in a very gritty performance.

Third place finisher Imperialism, who was trapped on the rail and his heels clipped, was one of the only horses that was running on at the end. Kudos to 21-year-old trainer Kristin Mulhall for a great job. We will be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Don’t know when we will be seeing Imperialism again as Kristin has stated she will give him time off skip the Preakness. One thing I know about her is that she always puts her horse first.

The next question is what about the two Nick Zito horses, The Cliff’s Edge and Birdstone? They both lost front shoes during the big race. The Cliff’s Edge threw both front shoes and still managed to finish fifth. Nick, I think you need a new blacksmith!

Michael Dickinson’s Tapit made a big wide move on the turn but just couldn’t sustain his bid and faded to ninth. Tapit will most likely pass the Preakness and wait for the Belmont.

My horse Master David just didn’t run a step. History continued its mastery over the Derby with the 2-year-old champ Action This Day out of the money and no horse that didn’t race as a 2yo not winning. Plus you need at least three races as a 3yo and a Stakes win to have a chance.

Is Smarty Jones the next Seattle Slew? I don’t think so but I’m the guy that liked Master David.

Thanks, Ben

A big thanks to all those letters and e-mails on the question about the baseball saying "a can of corn".

In a very nice letter from Ben Appelboom, he tells me that back in his time, before people shopped in a supermarket they would go into little butcher shops or grocery stores. For some reason, the canned goods were way up on the top shelf. When asking the grocery clerks for a can of corn, they would take a big long stick with a claw on the end of it, look up and get it down for you.

Thus, a can of corn. Ben also left me with this little bit of wisdom that he got from Nick the Greek. "The greatest thrill is betting and winning, and the second greatest thrill is betting and losing." wrote.

Well, I do know that, at the feast of ego everyone leaves hungry and it’s hard to make a comeback when you haven’t been anywhere. Now that last one needs to be applied to some of today’s players.

San Antonio stroll

Look for the Spurs to put away the Lakers early on their way to the NBA Championship.